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Nationalism for sale

This new trend of nationalism and marketing is not going anywhere soon because even the market knows how easily the public can be manipulated in the name of patriotism. So if you still don’t see this outrageous propaganda of selling nationalism in exchange for both your feelings and your money, may god protect your bank account and the amount if there is any left after the recent ‘Act of God’.

Modi’s Silence Explained!

Such is the raw wisdom of our PM Modi that he can even teach you history from mythology. So what if at one particular instance, he didn’t speak. He has showed us constantly that whenever he has opened his mouth, he has surprised(more like shock!) with his raw(or some haters can say fraud) wisdom. We, the true believers of our Supreme Leader, are always gonna stand behind them and support them, both in his nonsense and silence. 

That Time When Bhakti Khatre Mein Thi

These are the few instances that proved that not secularism, not constitution, not democracy but ‘Bhakti’ was in danger. With constant efforts from all the ‘Bhakt’ fraternity, these lost souls have now returned to blind-foldedly following our Supreme Leader. Finally, we can all agree to- “Sab Changa Si!”.

Ravish Kumar Exposed By Bhakt Banerjee

My name is Bhakt Banerjee, a renowned name among the IT cell members and professor at the prestigious Whatsapp university. Today, I’ve got my hands on a very esteemed journalist, or so the world claims….he is Ravish Kumar of NDTV. Let’s see if he can answer my rapid fire questions.

Questions To Expose Dhruv Rathee

Dhruv Rathee is a rising social media influencer whose informative in-depth videos on social and political issues have earned him admiration from the likes of Ravish Kumar and Om Thanvi.

That Time When Cobrapost Exposed Bollywood

This expose teaches us that we shouldn’t make our opinion based on someone else’s and especially that of celebs’. We should question every claim, every tweet, every WhatsApp forward and verify it ourselves. That’s the only way to show your love for your country, that is the only way you can be a true patriot.

Lessons Unlearned From Partition of India

If we do not want the history of partition to be repeated, we will have to constantly acknowledge the first time it happened. We will have to realize that if we are divided on the basis of religion or caste, we do not get free but slaves of our politicians.

fake nationalism

Fake Nationalism of Bollywood Stars

Bollywood celebrities always have an agenda behind everything they say- either money or power. We should just take their statement with a pinch of salt and not give so much heed to it.

facts caa nrc

Hard Facts About Citizenship Amendment Act

Secularism in today’s India is more insecure than women. This bill raises several questions on the soul of our constitution. What are government’s real intentions towards such controversial bill?

top 10 jumla

Top 10 Jumla Slogans We Are Tired of Hearing!

These jumlas are not just a popular propaganda element today but a reminder of how easy it is for us to fall for any random narrative, that when it was for their gain, politicians used these slogans constantly to lure the public into voting for them.