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Forget the fact that Mainstream Media has largely been taken over political / business interests….also ignore the fact that no one is watching TV News and Newspaper readership is on the decline.

The real worry is direct and Indirect censorship – that is on the rise – giving serious concerns over Freedom of Speech.

Satire as a mode of making a point is the most trusted in the west and will soon become one in India too.

To beat a system that is controlled by powers that be – CONTENT HAS TO BE PAID FOR / SUPPORTED BY individuals who can.

While this model of public funding was not viable for large media companies – The DeshBhakt has shown that its is possible to do so in the digital world and that of micro – publishing.

What do I get out of my Membership?

All members will get access to our discord server via http://bit.ly/thedeshbhakt. Members can contribute anything from $99 to $3 every month. They will get the following benefits depending on the contributions they give.