The Real Estate Scam That Nobody Is Talking About

Every year, newspapers are decorated with real-estate ads during the Dasara and Diwali season, promising their customers a richly luxurious and expensive “dream” home. I’m sure bookings will already be in order. Yet, there will be many, even more families, who won’t be able to catch a glimpse of their pre-booked, long-cherished dream homes. These are the victims of India’s biggest and least talked-about scam.

Sickular Libtard and Annoyed Bhakt Discuss Freedom of Expression

Libtard: You see…freedom of expression means, I should be able to paint, read, write, wear and eat what-so-ever I want, you know? I should be able to sleep with anyone I want as long as the other party is a consenting adult, male or female, at my home, or at a hotel that I payContinue reading “Sickular Libtard and Annoyed Bhakt Discuss Freedom of Expression”