The Great Petrol And Diesel Loot Explained!

Here’s the thing: Petrol and diesel no longer remain commodities…The two seemingly liquid matter have become a symbol of luxury in new India. Earlier, people used to get their cars insured but it feels like they may also have to get insurance for how much crude oil they own! After “unlocking” many car owners discoveredContinue reading “The Great Petrol And Diesel Loot Explained!”

New Education Policy: The Good And The Controversial

It’s about time that these changes be brought in and Indian education system be transformed from exam driven to talent driven. With more extra-curricular activities, vocational training, redesign of syllabus, multiple entry-exits, major-minor courses in college, this new education policy really has made some good and bold promises. However, % of GDP being spent to carry out those changes is shameful and some more clarity on medium of instruction is awaited.

When 8 Types of Fake News Get Real

Fake news spread faster than truth and that is because they exploit our emotions and they harbor fears too real. In the day and age of internet this had to be the case but it is the duty of citizens to be aware of such false assertions, claims and statements. They must verify these stories, again, on the internet but from sources which are deemed reliable.

Five Lessons That Teachers Need To Learn From Students!

It is now time for the ‘wise’ teachers to learn from their students the art of social media, the ability to speak up for what is right, susceptibility to positive changes and so on. Let us all remain students all our lives and keep the fearlessness of the young alive until the end!