They imposed emergency and we give too much democracy

Disclaimer: This post is written by Bhakt Banerjee. Language is satirical. Reader discretion is advised. Friends, how are you all? I’m here to remind liberals their biggest mistake. You will say get over it – no I won’t – I will come over and over again to show you the mirror; expose your hypocrisy. 46Continue reading “They imposed emergency and we give too much democracy”

Why are common people taking up the streets in India?

A new trend has taken over the country. More and more people are taking up the streets. Are they being misguided by the opposition, who knows? People are protesting fully knowing the consequences of going up against the government. They are called derogatory names, for instance, not only by the Trolls but also by theContinue reading “Why are common people taking up the streets in India?”

How Congress has weakened the opposition due to its leadership

Rahul Gandhi, the ever so young Congress prince had planned a two-day private retreat in Jaisalmer had congress waved the flag of victory in Bihar. Yes, after all, “break to banta hai” especially after he had “worked so hard” there: organized rallies day and night, gave media interviews, did all the strategy planning, and conductedContinue reading “How Congress has weakened the opposition due to its leadership”

Five Masterstrokes That Have Revitalized Indian Democracy

2020 is a historic year and 10th of November, 2020, even more so, especially as far as the Supreme Court of India is concerned. Interim bail was granted to Arnab Goswami and two others in abetment to suicide case. Furthermore, the top court claimed that the Bombay High Court was wrong in its previous judgmentContinue reading “Five Masterstrokes That Have Revitalized Indian Democracy”

Two-Party System of US and Multi-Party System of India; What is the difference?

November 3 has come and gone. Bihar is now prepping up for the third and final phase of the election which is scheduled on November 7. In the US, there is a nail-biting competition between The Democrats lead by Joe Biden and The Republicans lead by Donald Trump. But, have you ever wondered why inContinue reading “Two-Party System of US and Multi-Party System of India; What is the difference?”

Explaining UAPA, NSA and Sedition

This often misunderstood word ‘dissent’ is too little…only 2 syllables! But governments all over the world have never liked it despite the fact that in any democracy, dissent is held of primary importance. Furthermore, people have also become afraid of dissenting…because who knows under what section of law the government may force them in!?

Nationalism for sale

This new trend of nationalism and marketing is not going anywhere soon because even the market knows how easily the public can be manipulated in the name of patriotism. So if you still don’t see this outrageous propaganda of selling nationalism in exchange for both your feelings and your money, may god protect your bank account and the amount if there is any left after the recent ‘Act of God’.

Modi’s Silence Explained!

Such is the raw wisdom of our PM Modi that he can even teach you history from mythology. So what if at one particular instance, he didn’t speak. He has showed us constantly that whenever he has opened his mouth, he has surprised(more like shock!) with his raw(or some haters can say fraud) wisdom. We, the true believers of our Supreme Leader, are always gonna stand behind them and support them, both in his nonsense and silence.