Why death penalty shouldn’t be given

Article submitted by Madhav (student member) Image credit: upr.org After every major rape in India, the response of the public is similar, people are angry with government, police, politicians, system and accused. Two similar trends on Twitter follow: #HangRapists or #PunishRapistInPublic Many people and Celebrities have talked about this but Jaya Bachchan Took This OneContinue reading “Why death penalty shouldn’t be given”

Society so obsessed about DOCTOR/ENGINEER often kill the passion of the Youth

This post was written by Abhijeet Saha Currently, India is witnessing an extraordinary moment of joy. After some silver and bronze medals, the country finally had the pleasure of receiving a gold. Neeraj Chopra in men’s javelin throw has made an extraordinary performance. These little acts of brilliance should be an ideal reply to parents,Continue reading “Society so obsessed about DOCTOR/ENGINEER often kill the passion of the Youth”

Story of the decline of Health Infrastructure and Its Apathy

Written by Deshbhakt Member Anindita Ghoshal Daily we have 300k cases, hospitals are overwhelmed. Families of patients have to go from pillar to post just to get a hospital bed. Oxygen and other supplements are also lacking. When a common man is struggling for getting basic health supplements, then we must sit and analyze whatContinue reading “Story of the decline of Health Infrastructure and Its Apathy”

Figures Don’t Lie But The Liars Figure: When Criminals Become Lawmakers

This article was written by Deshbhakt Discord Member, Divyanshu Chahal Politicians are the ones who make and regulate laws, but a problem arises when they themselves have been law breakers. Did you know that India recorded an increase of 44% in the number of MPs with declared criminal cases since 2019. In Lok Sabha electionsContinue reading “Figures Don’t Lie But The Liars Figure: When Criminals Become Lawmakers”

The Great Indian Boycott Culture

This article was written by Jithin PV, The Deshbhakt Discord Member Indians have a history of Swadeshi Movement which was a drive to boycott British products during the freedom struggle. The movement successfully united all the Indians aiming for freedom. Their intention was noble and the consequences were mostly good. Cut to 2020, nowadays, boycottContinue reading “The Great Indian Boycott Culture”

Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Human Skills?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most significant inventions of humankind where it started with the introduction of mechanization in the industries. The machine was made to work instead of humans, which produced the goods rapidly and at an economical rate. Furthermore, with the research and development in mechanization technology, machine learning and machinesContinue reading “Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Human Skills?”

If Not Modi, Then Who? Maybe, You!

If not Modi, then who? This question comes up every single time there is criticism of Modi. And let me be very clear I’m not trying to talk with people who like him or call themselves “neutral”. This is about the rest of us, who understand/believe in democracy. The fact that the majority of usContinue reading “If Not Modi, Then Who? Maybe, You!”