What caused second wave of corona in India?

The full story so far. Last year the start of corona was slow: First few cases were recorded only in the month of March. However, since we did not place restrictions on international flights, the number of cases peaked almost suddenly. News channels were the first to associate corona to a religion. We started toContinue reading “What caused second wave of corona in India?”

Youth Icon India Needs: Bhagat Singh

Today, let’s look back in time and remember the martyrdom of Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev. Nowadays youngsters are unfortunately kept away from society and politics but the three were only in their twenties at the time of their passing in 1931. For in those days, political activism was welcomed, in fact, encouraged and treatedContinue reading “Youth Icon India Needs: Bhagat Singh”

Our Dream Demographic Dividend

We have entered a glorious time period in which there is scope for tremendous growth thanks to the shift in our population’s age structure. Today, the working population in India (15-64 age group) is more in number than the depended population. This is called a demographic dividend. However, there is also a tiny possibility thatContinue reading “Our Dream Demographic Dividend”

Bihar New Police Bill Explained

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar says that Bihar is a rapidly developing state and therefore requires a special police to protect Bihar’s infrastructure. In other words, similar to CISF but under state control. But, interestingly, this new force will also maintain public order (as per the bill). Meaning, as per the opposition, clamp down on protests.Continue reading “Bihar New Police Bill Explained”

Who will become the chief minister of West Bengal?

Bengal assembly elections are approaching closer and the competition is getting intense. The claim to victory in these elections will also play a key role in national politics. Let us see what is working for different political parties in Bengal. Starting with BJP: They performed extremely well in the Lok Sabha 2019 elections. RSS hasContinue reading “Who will become the chief minister of West Bengal?”

How can a democracy become an electoral autocracy?

Democracy often changes into dictatorship before you know it. In most cases, you will find that the dictator was once a democratically elected politician. For example, Hitler. What’s surprising is that in the age of internet and despite the presence of UN, dictators keep coming up right under our noses. Taking the case of Russia,Continue reading “How can a democracy become an electoral autocracy?”

What are patient rights and why are they necessary?

Patient rights charter is a written document which defines basic rules of conduct so to be followed by medical professionals. It guarantees information, fair treatment and autonomy over medical decisions. But is there a need for these, let’s say, new rights? Most definitely. Because, in 2017, when KPMG studied transparency in medical systems of 30Continue reading “What are patient rights and why are they necessary?”

Five Lessons To Learn From Disha Ravi’s Case

Although the mainstream media and people in general painted Disha Ravi in a negative picture, that too without any solid evidence, the judgment by Justice Dharmender Rana has spoken otherwise. His verdict is an important lesson in civics. A reminder that questioning authority is a fundamental right when he said that offence of sedition cannotContinue reading “Five Lessons To Learn From Disha Ravi’s Case”

Is India going slow on vaccination?

Most problems have clear solutions. But, some problems don’t…for instance, the crisis of corona. For a complete year we were incredibly helpless against it. Enter 2021…as we celebrate the first anniversary of lockdown, we may think the pandemic is dead but there’s a twist. Can corona return to India in a second wave? Kerala, MaharashtraContinue reading “Is India going slow on vaccination?”

Akash Banerjee VS Bhakt Banerjee: International Conspiracy To Defame India?

BB: OH, WHAT IS THIS AGAIN? 22-YEAR OLD TRYING TO DIVIDE THE NATION. NOW SHE IS ARRESTED, WAH, WHAT YOU SOW IS WHAT YOU REAP! AB: So according to you anyone who does not support the government is anti-national. BB: NO NO ACCORDING TO YOU LET THEM BE. LET THEM STORM TWITTER. LET THEM DEFAMEContinue reading “Akash Banerjee VS Bhakt Banerjee: International Conspiracy To Defame India?”