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Figures Don’t Lie But The Liars Figure: When Criminals Become Lawmakers

This article was written by Deshbhakt Discord Member, Divyanshu Chahal Politicians are the ones who make and regulate laws, but a problem arises when they themselves have been law breakers. Did you know that India recorded an increase of 44% in the number of MPs with declared criminal cases since 2019. In Lok Sabha electionsContinue reading “Figures Don’t Lie But The Liars Figure: When Criminals Become Lawmakers”

boycott culture

The Great Indian Boycott Culture

This article was written by Jithin PV, The Deshbhakt Discord Member Indians have a history of Swadeshi Movement which was a drive to boycott British products during the freedom struggle. The movement successfully united all the Indians aiming for freedom. Their intention was noble and the consequences were mostly good. Cut to 2020, nowadays, boycottContinue reading “The Great Indian Boycott Culture”

ai vs human

Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Human Skills?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most significant inventions of humankind where it started with the introduction of mechanization in the industries. The machine was made to work instead of humans, which produced the goods rapidly and at an economical rate. Furthermore, with the research and development in mechanization technology, machine learning and machinesContinue reading “Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Human Skills?”

Lack of Scientific Temper In New India

The government of New India has little data on job crisis, migrant deaths, farmer suicides, healthcare staff deaths. Probably, this is what New India needs: unscientific temper to hide data and entirely remove facts and logic from public discourse and change it with misinformation and sycophancy.