The Deshbhakt is a political satire platform. We believe that all political parties are the same and that the citizenry must question everything and everyone to safeguard the interests of the country and democracy.

Story So Far

June 2018 – Quit comfy Job as VP at a big media company – sold off house to fund an Independent digital startup – bet on the fact that people will stop watching TV and would appreciate simplified data / facts (laced with blunt satire and fun!)

June 2021 – The Deshbhakt cracks over 4 Million subscribers on various social media platforms in almost three years – has a dedicated team of 6 – is being run almost fully on crowdfunded money with crowdsourced ideas, feedback & guidance.

  • Mocking and questioning politicians may be a cornerstone of any progressive democracy – but in India it’s seen as a personal insult.
  • Satire as a form of social / political expression may be established in the west – but is often confused with comedy here.
  • Crowdfunding is an alien concept with most of the media being funded by politicians or industrialists for their own purposes.

Even in such a scenario The DeshBhakt has been able to survive and grow. Thanks to Deshbhakt Members and Patrons who want to hear the truth / listen to the facts / laugh a bit at where we are.

What does The Deshbhakt do?

The Deshbhakt attempts to challenge the way political discussions happen in India – i.e heated, bitter, one-sided & acrimonious. (The mainstream media is agenda driven and the parties themselves want more confrontation and polarisation – atleast there is no debate there!)

In a country where the Army & Nationalism is dragged in to defend the indefensible – The DeshBhakt is attempting to make politics a fun thing… where there is no ‘agenda’ / no ‘paid media’ / no ‘sides’ / and some simple facts to make some simple points.

In almost over three years – we have been able to win the trust of scores of people and now we are hungry for more. If you would like to support an initiative that talks TO you – not AT you … if you value independent and free speech… if you think that satire in news is the future – then do become a DeshBhakt Member and unlock direct access / collaborations / podcasts / Q&As and a lot of other goodies!

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