What else should be delivered in 10 minutes apart from food and grocery?

fast delivery 10 minute delivery

Police arriving late at the scene is a common theme in Bollywood. Even in the Court justice may be delayed and the lawyer may scream Tareek pe Tareek, pleading for timely response.

But this Bollywood trick is getting old because now people are habitual of fast deliveries. Because of 10-minute delivery promised by some companies, people are getting spoiled. But imagine if that were the case, say socially, police could predict before crime, courts give timely justice, and promises fulfilled by politicians within 5 years.

No more wait. Speedy delivery. People enjoy this as they don’t have to walk to the nearby grocery store. And now Zomato has decided to jump in as well, declaring cooked food delivery in 10 minutes. Is that even possible though? As per Deepinder Goyal of Zomato, this is not a jumla and hyperlocal kitchens will drive these super fast food deliveries.

Today, apps allow us to video chat someone 1000s of miles away. You may argue with someone whether this or that was Nehru’s fault online. You can even find love online. There are apps to manage your money and now doorstep delivery in 10 minutes. This is the golden time to live, right?

But can it be replicated elsewhere? Like when there is oxygen shortage you may get a cylinder delivered in 10 mins. And no more frantic phone calls for ICU beds. What if the ambulance was fast as well?

What if all the government-related certificates could be delivered in 10-mins? School and college classes could also be shortened. Not to forget lunch-hour at public sector banks that doesn’t seem to end. It may one day be possible in metaverse, who knows?

It may also be possible that Government teacher does not arrive late in class. And that doctor can examine patients in 10-minutes. No more waiting in queues outside the clinic.

But some things better be long… Like a coffee date or a trip to the hills and learning a new skill also takes time and effort which is why it’s hard to continue.

We can all agree that in most instances of life, we deserve fast, timely response. Like on IRCTC login page, OTP delivery, COWIN appointment, etc. Life would be so much better without the wait and hassle.

And answers to questions as well. Replies in RTI take much much longer than 10-minutes. And if only there was a press conference, at least for 10-mins, that would be great, right?

There is need of tracking apps just like we can track our food delivery why not there can be app to track black money or to track court proceedings? What if there was an app that could bust fake news within 10 minutes to stop it getting spread like wildfire?

On one hand groceries are delivered in 10 minutes. On the other hand securing a bail may take even 10 months time. In some cases it is not even possible. Also, while we talk of waiting, what about ache din? How long to wait for that to happen… for us to become $5 trillion economy? Certainly we cannot be prosperous by arguing or bullying online or by boycotting home grown brands.

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