8 Years Since Power – When will Happiness Index of Bhakts Increase?

happiness index

I met Bhakt Banerjee at a party and I expected him to be elated especially after the result of elections. But he seemed rather annoyed to my surprise. Despite double engine coming back in Uttar Pradesh and Congress losing all states.

Yet, Bhakt Banerjee was aggrieved. He told me, so what if the Congress is losing? Chamchas like you are a bigger problem who will not let Govt work. Bhakt Banerjee called me many names, as usual, which is his longtime hobby. But since he is an old friend I didn’t take the insult to my heart.

I thought, earlier Nehru didn’t let them work. Then opposition was in the way of Vikas. Now small media personalities like us? Is supreme leader so easily influenced? And anyway asking questions is a right and duty of citizens, or not?

I was about to explain this to him but suddenly Bhakt Banerjee enraged over me. Supreme leader is a father-figure to me, he shouted. Putin and Zelensky take the advice. ‘You should keep your mouth shut, or it will be made so, by legal route’, he warned me.

I thought why waste time with Bhakt Banerjee, so I just nodded. Life is too short to argue. ‘Cheers to your thinking Bhakt Banerjee.’ I said. But at least be happy that you won!

Our ranking in Happiness index is not something to be proud of, I mentioned. Then Bhakt Banerjee explained why he is angry all the time… because of channels like NDTV, few NGOs and activists. ‘Those guys are always against the government’, Bhakt Banerjee added.

I said, let’s assume, for a moment, that NDTV is anti-national. Then almost every channel is singing praises of the government. Not that government and nation are equal. ‘But how can you be frustrated over one channel?’ I asked Bhakt Banerjee.

I urged Bhakt Banerjee to drink up and enjoy after all we were at a party. He refused. Bhakt Banerjee instead went over to the DJ and scolded him for the choice of songs he played, much too western for his taste.

I pondered upon the source of Bhakt Banerjee’s frustration and I told him that anger is not good for his health. That his favorite party is doing well politically, since 8 years. That they have majority in houses so they can pass any bill, they are unstoppable. So smile please and help our happiness index rank.

I also added that media, the fourth pillar of democracy is sitting in the lap as an obedient entity. It’s a happy news season all the time, so smile for that. Or for the fact that people have forgiven government time and time again, no matter the petrol price or inflation or joblessness or inequality.

As expected, Bhakt Banerjee exploded again and started blaming everyone. I don’t understand yet – Bhakt Banerjee has power, voteshare, godi media, institutions, etc. Yet he is lacking peacefulness, a calm of mind.

His frustration and anger despite everything made me slowly begin to understand why. Maybe because he is lonely. In solitude he argues against his sanity. Why he hasn’t gotten his due after all the devotion. No job, no partner in life. There is only one other way out of that hole and that is more and more anger as his fuel. Bhakt Banerjee depends on his anger. But Bhakt Banerjee should realize that his anger is not solving any problem. It is worsening his health only.

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