Endgame for Congress after massive loss?

assembly election result 2022

Assembly election 2022 was also viewed as a mid-term mandate as 5 states going under election from all corners of country. The one takeaway is defeat of congress in all five states. And the rate at which congress is falling will they even be principal opposition party?

UP: Congress won 2 seats in Uttar Pradesh even after massive campaigning by Priyanka Gandhi. BJP even surpassed Samajwadi party as they won hearts of women voters by welfare schemes during pandemic. Not measuring how much was done exactly but it was intent by the state Govt that mattered to people.

Akhilesh and Priyanka are still playing 10-20 years old politics. There was no grassroot connection as well as lack of social media in five years. Nowadays people want to know what you have done on ground for people.

Punjab: Biggest insult of Congress was losing Punjab. Rahul Gandhi must dislike Kejriwal more than Modi. (Channi was Rahul’s pick and he lost both seats as predicted by Kejriwal)

Congress was reduced from 77 to 18. But this was Congress’ only chance to retain a state, especially after Farmers protest. Both SAD-Congress failed to solve problems of Punjab, only leaderships change. AAP promised a change. Not repeating previous mistake AAP announced a CM face this time and a popular one.

Uttarakhand: Despite anti-incumbency in Uttarakhand, BJP won 47 seats. Congress managed from 11 to 19 seats. Because of Congress’ national leadership or lack of it Congress failed again to put a solid narrative. Once again there was infighting. Congress does not recognize state level leadership and there was no CM face.

Manipur: Same story in Manipur. Congress reduced to 4 from 28 seats last time. BJP increased its geographical reach by winning here. BJP promised peace and stability as they noticed law and order problem during Ibobi Singh tenure. Again congress made it easier for BJP. Ibobi Singh returned in last two months of election. This does not work anymore.

Goa: BJP is also set to make government in Goa. BJP gave tickets to influential catholic leaders having their votebank. Thus BJP had stronghold. Congress could not identify the right candidates.

Dr Ashwani Kumar told NDTV that this is endgame of Congress. After working 40 years in Congress Dr Kumar is saying this is the endgame. Now he will be trolled by ardent fans because as per fans Everyone is wrong except for Rahul and Priyanka!

Congress is not even trying to evolve. This is not good news for democracy as strong opposition is equally important as strong Govt. Forget giving a fight in 2024. Focus on being a strong opposition first. Reinvent yourself from zero otherwise seats will be zero.

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