8 memorable quotes from Barkha Dutt interview

barkha dutt

Pandemic was a time when there was lot of invisibilization of people, especially of the poor. In poorer section there was a kind of resigned acceptance of their invisibilization in the system.

We don’t fully understand after decades of being journalists what people vote for and what people vote against.

I remember covering the Kargil war, meeting 20-something soldiers who were part of India’s response. The 20-something doctors who were foot soldiers of pandemic reminded me of that time.

If you were at the bottom of social or economic hierarchy the experience of this pandemic was so much more grave and helpless than if you were privileged.

I know we don’t want to remember the horrors of the pandemic as forgetting unpleasant things is a human instinct but so is to chronicle that into a memory.

When you think of a media organization mostly it is still men running them. There is not enough proprietorship and management roles for women.

I would not encourage anyone to join Indian TV news. TV news is not some glamorous job where you get to be famous but this is what it has been reduced to.

I am not comfortable with cancel culture. We talk about freedom of speech but what about free thought? Are we thinking freely?

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