5 Quotes by Jayant Chaudhary worth noting

From interview with Bhakt Banerjee

1. Farmers are innocent and simple but not downright foolish. Farmers don’t lack wisdom and have astute judgment of government policy and how it might affect their life.

2. A new policy is doing the rounds: One nation one leader AND ONE TWEET for all. Although, it is well known that unity in diversity makes India, India.

3. Our job, as opposition, is to question the ones in power. Will government retort with lathi charge or complaints when held accountable? Why not answer honorably if you have nothing to hide?

4. Farmer income did not double in 2022 but income of few billionaires increased manifold in the last year. The protest against farm laws, introduced by government to benefit corporate houses, cost over 700 farmer lives. The election will redeem farmers their rights and dignity.

5. Identifying as a farmer breaks the shackles of caste and religion. Ultimately, Uttar Pradesh is agro-economy and if that is not revived, 5 trillion dollar economy is nothing but a dream.

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