Data ko Tata: Why no data is available?

In Dec, 2021 K. T. Rama Rao of Telangana government said in a tweet that NDA = No data available. Let’s see if that is true?

On 19 November 2021, the three farm laws were repealed and the farmers protest ended soon after. In winter session of parliament, rail minister Ashwini Vaishnaw told that railways incurred losses of 36.87 crore.

Also, NHAI suffered toll loss of 2731.32 crore due to farmers protest. It is commendable how efficiently they keep count of monetary loss.

When pressured for compensation to farmers who lost lives the govt said that they had no data on farmers’ death.

Remember, when lockdown was imposed, migrant labourers suffered worst. It was biggest migrant crisis since partition. The govt had no data of migrant workers’ death or loss of job despite numerous media reports. When there was no record, there was no question of compensation, govt told parliament.

Oxygen shortage was the other big news in 2021but there was no data on deaths due to oxygen shortage as states, UTs did not report that data.

Similarly, no data on MSMEs shut during pandemic. At the same time, after having done so much for the doctors and nurses honor, no data of healthcare staff death was reported at first in 2020. After 8 months, the data was given: 174 docs, 116 nurses and 199 health workers lost lives. On the other hand, IMA says 594 died in the second wave.

Black money was a big issue in 2014. Talks of bringing black money back or distributing it among honest taxpayers… and so on. Now, finance ministry has no estimate of black money in Swiss Bank for last 10 years.

While at the same time, Indians’ funds in swiss banks at 13 year high… ache din have come for some people at least. After all this, the point is, no data available might just be true.

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