New democracy vs Old democracy

We have known only one definition of democracy for 70 years… of the people, by the people, for the people. Meaning, in a democracy it is always the voice of people that counts. An elected politician is not the king… but just a service provider for five years.

But in the last few years a new definition is catching up… off the people, buy the people and far the people. Meaning, enjoy benefits on people’s money, divide them and buy political support when necessary. In this kind of democracy, only one person is listened to… all the others are wrong anyway, so.

And middle class is generally happy (or ignorant) in this kind of democracy except on some occasions (farmers, students, doctors, bank workers) when they protest for their own rights.

The new type of democracy is built on the promises ache din… or unforeseen development. Examples include: Brazil and Russia. But the formula is being perfected in India and we might even become a world leader in this novel format of democracy.

Because, old democracy is slow. Too much of old democracy virtues like debate and discussion and consultation… People just want some fast action. How else can we leave China behind…?

Now, decisions can be announced live on TV and the whole country has to obey without prior knowledge or preparation. This new system has inspired 10 minute grocery delivery companies too… so vikas is getting contagious!

However, sometimes decisions made in haste might be bad later on, though the intent is what matters most to people in the new democracy. The after-effects are tolerated with quiet and dignity.

In new democracy, protesting for one’s rights is frowned upon and protesters are called names to deter them in their fight. Because a strong government is fearful of old democracy virtues, the institutions that are meant to protect those virtues are compromised.

And if the institutions are under control, less people will ask questions and then Vikas can continue without interruption. Acts of opposition and fearless journalism are not welcomed in new democracy. People also don’t want opposition because it spreads negativity, you know?

It’s also considered anti-national nowadays. Anybody showing negative news must be working against the country or so are people made to think…. that stay away from negative people…. they always have negative to say. Like, global indices including hunger index, press freedom index or per capita income… all are international conspiracy.

New democracy teaches us the art of marketing… it is a way of manipulating information. As old democracies could not market themselves well they lost power to new democracies. For example: vaccination is free since independence (the 1947 one) but do people remember? Today, thanks to hoardings everywhere public knows that it is free.

In new democracy, people can be fooled as many as 56 times as long as they are distracted. Let’s keep public away from decision making… their job is to obey whatever is decided for them… and people think: The government must have done something right.

What kind of democracy do you want – old in which people’s participation and transparency were ensured or new democracy in which all is well and no data is available? Choice is yours.

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