Students, Farmers, Doctors – All Get The Stick – Who Is Next?

Resident doctors are protesting in Delhi… Delhi where in last few years, JNU fee hike, anti-CAA and farmers protest occurred. Once again despite Delhi winter, chants of ‘we want justice’ roared.

A while ago, doctors were praised as warriors. Special measures to show appreciation were taken such as Thali, tali and flowers showered in 2020. Today, same doctors are anti-national because they are protesting?

Doctors are demanding NEET-PG counselling which was delayed due to confusion about EWS quota. Seeing their careers hang by a thread, doctors gathered in numbers to protest… As a reply, police also sprung into action.

Federation of Resident doctors association (FORDA) announced strike across country. They have claimed that police used force on the marching doctors and detained them… Delhi police however denies this. They won’t end strike until demands on counseling are met.

Resident doctors are more shocked over the treatment by police. But if you look back some time ago, few doctors made fun of the protesting farmers… mocked them for gathering at borders of Delhi for opposing new farm laws.

Friendly reminder: Asking questions does not make you anti-national, doctor. You must have read civics books also, right?

When JNU students protested against fee hikes, they not only faced the police but also masked goons who barged into campus. At home we thought: They should be studying… why seek revolution?

Teachers have also faced police – in Lucknow, marching teachers raised the issue of recruitment. We were silently watching teachers being ill-treated. We reacted similarly when NGOs came under the bus… Why RTI activists are even needed, we wondered.

During CAA protest students again faced police… this time on camera. We thought: why should we care about minority community issue? and police won’t enter campus without any proof, the students must have done something wrong, we reasoned.

Farmers also protested… water cannons welcomed them. Godi media tried to convey that they were middle-men… farmers are happy with new farm laws. Many farmers lost lives but you cared for blocked roads more.

Now resident doctors are surprised by police action. Why surprised? What else did you think to happen? When even Santa is not spared, comedians can’t do shows. account holders of PMC are tired of restrictions, PSU bank employees oppose privatization but no mainstream media channel to cover….

So, no matter if you are majority or minority… it might be your turn next. When it comes to us, maybe then we will realize the magnitude of problems in society… we think we are immune to oppression but it is lack of sensitivity for others.

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