Harmful effects of climate change and how you can help

climate change

Did you know that according to International Labor Organization, India could lose as many as 34 million jobs due to global warming? Not just that, climate change could also cause acute shortage of water one day. Furthermore, with every degree rise in the temperature, crop yield declines drastically. As a result, the price of such daily crops as wheat, rice, corn, etc. will increase substantially. It is also predicted that in the next decade, climate change could reduce India’s GDP by 4.5%.

However, despite the threatening effects of climate change, to life and planet, why don’t we take it seriously? To stall the harmful implications of climate change we can take several steps because someone did rightly say: precaution is better than cure.

  1. Educate yourself as well as others: The primary objective should be awareness about rapidly changing climate and its deadly effects.
  2. Plant a tree: Each individual should plant at least one tree in his/her lifetime. That would help the Earth and the environment massively, because trees are valuable resources that can be tapped later.
  3. Renewable energy: Switching to clean energy will play the major role in combating climate change. And anyway fossil fuels such as coal are depleting fast so there has to be an alternative, a cleaner one. One can start by installing as simple as a solar panel at home.
  4. Save water: Before water gets home it consumes a lot of electricity in treatment plants. So, it would be better if we be careful when we consume water. We should not take it for granted and waste it like it’s nothing.
  5. Lifestyle changes: To quit plastic is to empower Earth. Like, instead of using poly bags one can use cloth bag. Our choices related to food, clothing, etc. also have a big role to play in the changing climate. So, lifestyle changes will surely help.
  6. Hold politicians accountable: Make sure you question politicians what they have done or doing to tackle climate change? This will ensure action on their part and in turn help the planet.

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