Society so obsessed about DOCTOR/ENGINEER often kill the passion of the Youth

This post was written by Abhijeet Saha

Currently, India is witnessing an extraordinary moment of joy. After some silver and bronze medals, the country finally had the pleasure of receiving a gold. Neeraj Chopra in men’s javelin throw has made an extraordinary performance. These little acts of brilliance should be an ideal reply to parents, relatives, and neighbors who think that there is nothing a prospective must do other than make a career in Technical and Medical lines.

Every year about 8-10 lakh students appear for the highly competitive JEE Mains to qualify for the even more difficult JEE Advanced for getting admission to the premier engineering colleges, the IITs, which by the way have an admission rate of 1% or less. The Medical line is very similar only that there is even more slip chance of getting into AIIMS.

Apart from these creamy layers, the rest of the colleges don’t even possess any proper teaching faculties or infrastructure. The engineers thus graduated are not employable. But even knowing the virtually impossible chance of admission in IITs, the number of Advanced exam takers has been increasing. Many adolescents, after hearing Mr.
Sharma’s son’s 20 lakhs package, kill their passion and dump their hobbies to study for the exams, something they don’t want to do inside their hearts.

Our great icons had always advised about following one’s heart. Still, this cloud of confusion made by people subdues the inner voice of the students. These unqualified engineers get into trouble after their graduation on finding that their degree has no value. So all the shaming of other professions is actually hindering the progress of our youth and the nation as a whole.

Parents need to understand and support their wards, they need to trust their children. Teachers need to provide proper guidance to their students and Boomer Uncles need to keep their mouths SHUT. Children are little saplings who need nurture and care for their healthy development. Instead, they are put inside pressure cookers that boil their passions. Sport is an area largely unexplored by us. The system in India doesn’t appreciate diverse areas.

China which was once so poor, has now become a major player in all fields and is even challenging USA. This happened because their administration made efforts to uplift all sectors of their society. The true meaning of India is “Unity in Diversity” and that means diversity across all fields. If we really want to become a superpower, only 2 sectors can’t make it possible. The Contribution has to come from each and every zone. So, the administration must support all forms of career options and the ideal start would be focusing on the sports sector and giving opportunities to prospective talents.

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