Inflation: Why is everything so COSTLY?


There was once a time when inflation used to decide election results, for it used to affect people directly. In fact, politicians back in the day ran their campaigns around inflation. Though today, things are different.

Recently, the ministry of statistics and programme implementation estimated the 2020-2021 GDP to be 134 lakh crore rupees which is almost as same as 2017-2018. Back then, we were aiming for 5 trillion but here we are 3 years behind!

However, people nowadays seem oblivious about it. Even when Petrol scored a century before Kohli, LPG and cooking oil going for record prices – no one seems to care enough it seems.

In fact, inflation in wholesale price index was a record high of 12.94% in May. Also, Consumer Price Index at the same time was 6.30%. So, the only thing that has continuously challenged the growth of beard amidst pandemic is inflation.

Credit where due though, from 2014 to 2016, inflation was under control and remained so until 2019. But from 2% in January 2019, inflation climbed up to 7.61% by October 2020.

One of the reasons for growing inflation is definitely pandemic. But, experts also say that the bigger reason for inflation is rising petrol-diesel prices. As you already know, during the pandemic, fuel prices kept rising little by little as many as 16 times in May, in fact.

So obviously as the fuel prices increase, transportation costs do too and so will prices of items that we use in day to day life. (Except Godi Media – their journalism is still cheap as ever)

Anyway… Today, a mango man cannot afford fruits, such as the mango. Furthermore, a recent SBI report shows that people are reducing their spend on healthcare and other utilities due to inflation.

The main question is, at record high inflation, what is the opposition doing? Suppose if the BJP were in opposition right now… they would organize a dharna with LPG cylinder, go on bicycle yatra, etc.

Petrol which was once 70 per litre is selling for more than 100 today but people are not riled up or thinking about it. Domestic LPG cylinder has seen an even steeper growth yet suffering in silence, everyone. The media has had a major role to play in this, certainly.

But the opposition should too rise up to the occasion especially when ministers say: Ride a cycle to market instead of questioning rising fuel prices, stop eating if worried about inflation or inflation problems started with Nehru’s speech, etc.

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