What is The Deshbhakt and their agenda?

who is the deshbhakt

Who is The Deshbhakt? Journalist or Standup comedian? On which part of the spectrum does he belong? Right wing or leftist? Or, perhaps Congtard? Aaptard? Member of international toolkit gang?

What is social and political satire anyway? Why is The Deshbhakt hell-bent on statistics and data if he’s doing comedy?

If data is their priority why does The Deshbhakt dress up as Bhakt Banerjee and enact skits? What is the hidden agenda? Is Bhakt Banerjee the real face of The Deshbhakt, who himself is just a mirage?

Who is supporting The Deshbhakt financially? Why is The Deshbhakt so jealous of the system? Why so many questions? Does he not care for his personal life? He should know that criticism is no longer as acceptable as before?

Many people still ask: What is satire? What is The Deshbhakt?

We don’t intend to come down to cheap mockery of politicians. We just wish to show them the mirror of reality that they have forsaken long ago. That is satire.

Is telling facts equal to propagating an ideology? We don’t think so and sure hope you don’t too.

There has been a great tradition of satire in our country and especially in the regional languages. However, nowadays, satire is missing from the TV as well as from Bollywood.

We may be the largest democracy in the world but can you tell a single political and/or satirical show on National Television? Like Stephen Colbert’s? Trevor Noah’s? Or John Oliver’s shows?

The Deshbhakt has been trying to equip people with the power of satire for the last 3 years. It’s a useful tool to combat the prevalent hypocrisy by the use of sarcasm. Put on some facts on top and you won’t be able to decide whether to laugh or cry.

In short, satirists wish to fight the system with humor and facts – something that mainstream media doesn’t seem to do.

However, satire is not comedy itself – it is a type of comedy, a social and political commentary if you will. Comedians do a whole lot of pleasing. Satirists do a whole lot of opening eyes. There lies the difference.

Truth served with dollops of sarcasm.

One might ask: The Deshbhakt surely has to have a political motive and a founding ideology. Why so many questions to the System? Why so much love for the opposition?

That is not true at all. What satirists do is punching up – the system. And anyway the opposition is always at target of mainstream media. The satirist wishes to uphold the spirit of democracy by questioning authority.

The founding ideology of The Deshbhakt is this: No politician is honest. We have made several videos on other parties as well whenever need arose. However the main focus is punching up.

Furthermore, The Deshbhakt is a constitutionalist – devoted to that precious founding document of a free and sovereign India. Neither left nor right; the Constitution is our guide.

So, to conclude, The Deshbhakt is an online platform whose goal is to preserve the tradition of satire in India in whatever little ways possible. We receive help in this noble endeavor by our supportive members on Patreon and on YouTube.

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