They imposed emergency and we give too much democracy


Disclaimer: This post is written by Bhakt Banerjee. Language is satirical. Reader discretion is advised.

Friends, how are you all? I’m here to remind liberals their biggest mistake. You will say get over it – no I won’t – I will come over and over again to show you the mirror; expose your hypocrisy.

46 years ago – yes, we’re going back in time – Iron Lady of India, Indira Gandhi, declared emergency. It changed everything – granted her queen-like powers – it was indeed a gift to herself. One person to rule us all? Can you imagine?

Press freedom, human rights were compromised. Nationwide sterilization on top of that – dream project, eh!?

Emergency ruined many lives.

The current government is so much as an innocent child in front of that barbarism. You did vasectomy. We did demonetization. I admit demonetization also ruined few lives but it was a decision taken in good faith.

But can you imagine what it must be like living back then? During the emergency? Sanjay Gandhi demolished many settlements back in the day. Bye bye; Tata. Here we are, on the other hand, giving actual employment to the needy by having them build our palaces.

This just shows: We build; you demolish.

Also, at the time of emergency, there was absolutely no press freedom at all, remember? Every article had to be approved prior to publication. The then Indian Express ran a blank page to express protest.

Nothing like that happens today: Journalists can criticize fearlessly today. Newspapers can publish anything, right?

I mean if we were as bad as the emergency era, then the entire opposition would be in jail. Imagine!

Emergency witnessed mass arrests. Look it up.

Today, if bail is not granted, are we to blame? Entire procedure is being followed under the rule of law. There is too much democracy, here.

During the emergency, protests were labeled internal disturbance. One of close associates mysteriously superseded three senior judges to become Chief Justice. Prints of films like Kissa Kursi Ka were burned by goons.

Today, we honor our judges. Movies and actors have respect. Ridiculing and mockery is tolerated. This is the magic of Acche Din, I tell you.

The system today is so benevolent that it allows large-scale public protests such as the Farmers protest. This is benevolence; this is love of democracy.

Today, people love The System so much that they have no choice but to side with it. It’s a beautiful, powerful Masterstroke at play. To declare emergency – now that was foolish – wise leaders know better.

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