Time to stop THIS dangerous practice of fooling people

sadhvi pragya thakur

Bhopal Gas Tragedy is a widely known incident: In 1984, a gas leak from Union Carbide Plant killed more than 15,000 people. It was one of the worst man-made industrial disasters in all of history.

Today, after more than 30 years, Bhopal is going through yet another crisis. Also man-made. Their MP has become a subject of international ridicule on top of that.

Russia’s official state media tweeted this about Pragya Thakur who won with a landslide majority: “Indian politician takes the piss.”

In continuation, they wrote: “When sh*t doesn’t work.”

Earlier international media was just reporting on the pandemic. But now they are openly mocking us. Can you accept it when ridiculous statements made by our politicians bring our international reputation to ruins?

We are partly to blame.

If you go back in time a little, you will know that despite being terror-accused she became a member of parliament. She was always known for her outspokenness, however on 17th May, 2021 while giving away oxygen concentrators to a hospital, she claimed that cow urine had helped her stay safe from corona infection.

Pragya added: “We should plant neem, banyan, tulsi, peepal that give out oxygen 24 hours.”

In the first wave also she asked people to chant Hanuman Chalisa to defeat coronavirus. Even before that she had claimed that consumption of cow urine cured her breast cancer.

Now, no surprises, that these “remedies” are suggested for public only. She herself had opted surgical treatment for cancer. Her visits to Kokilaben Hospital in Mumbai and to AIIMS in Delhi were covered by media as well. Why do politicians themselves run towards modern science at the first sign of trouble?

Enough is enough.

To stop this, a same old cliché has to happen: That citizens must become aware, ask questions boldly. Educate, liberate. Because, it is fact that blind belief has never done good to anyone. It only always results in a crisis.

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