What caused second wave of corona in India?

second wave

The full story so far.

Last year the start of corona was slow: First few cases were recorded only in the month of March. However, since we did not place restrictions on international flights, the number of cases peaked almost suddenly.

News channels were the first to associate corona to a religion. We started to blame rising covid cases on the international group Tablighi Jamaat. That these foreigners were spreading corona deliberately so we were told.

When all around the world politicians were thinking how to control corona, here there were attempts to topple the government in Madhya Pradesh.

Cases in Delhi and Maharashtra kept on rising but the health ministry said corona is not a health emergency. In simple words: All Izz Whell was proclaimed. Then, at the same time, stock market started to crash. The situation turned worse both medically and financially.

On 22nd March: Janta curfew was declared a one day off to stop the virus. We were also asked to make loud noises with household items like plates and spoons and so we did. Along with this, we also came up with songs and home remedies to defeat corona.

But none worked.

Perhaps something bigger was required, thought the government. Hence, lockdown was declared overnight on 24th March. (No discussion only action) Additionally, a good 15000 crore of funding was announced to improve country’s medical infrastructure.

Lockdown did not stop corona either but it did have an adverse impact on our economy. Without any job at hand, the poor daily-wage earner in the cities had no choice but to go home and that too without any transport facilities. The biggest ever migrant exodus began across the nation.

Despite such bad a scene, the opposition could not utter a word of protest.

The whole world was trying to come up with a vaccine whereas we saw the release of coronil which without any scientific research, without any papers, without any trials had garnered support from mainstream media. Even our health minister was seen at the launch of coronil.

Raging corona amid hot and humid month of June turned people angry. But then a tragic suicide case of a famous superstar was turned into a national obsession. For the next three months news channels forgot corona and diverted people’s attention. The sensitive topic of mental health was overlooked and forgotten soon enough and conspiracy theories were invented.

Demands for CBI inquiry and AIIMS probe were both fulfilled but nothing suspicious was found. Meanwhile, the first wave of corona reached its peak in September whereas the government passed (or rather forcefully did so) three farm bills in the parliament without discussion.

This led to the farmers protest starting September and towards a peculiar twist in the story. From October onwards, new corona cases started to decline. (Scientists are still trying to understand how.) Serum Institute began manufacturing Oxford vaccine at the same time. Millions of doses of vaccine were to be made ready by December.

However, instead of vaccinating our own people we started distributing vaccine overseas. Experts had already predicted a second wave of corona but we exported our vaccines to rectify our global image. Today we are running short of vaccines. At the same time, we have stopped taking corona seriously. Festivals and rallies are being conducted like there is no pandemic at all. The second wave is sharp and bigger than anywhere else in the world because of utter negligence.

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