Bihar New Police Bill Explained

new police bill

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar says that Bihar is a rapidly developing state and therefore requires a special police to protect Bihar’s infrastructure. In other words, similar to CISF but under state control.

But, interestingly, this new force will also maintain public order (as per the bill). Meaning, as per the opposition, clamp down on protests. Thus, the opposition has criticized the proposition of this new bill.

What’s funny is that this police force will be all knowing and all seeing. You see, everywhere else in the world, one cannot be arrested without solid evidence, right? But this force will be trained enough to arrest merely on suspicion. The new special force will give Tom Cruise a run for his money!

If the police personnel decide that somebody could commit an offence they can arrest anybody. They can arrest without warrant, permission or court hearing, aKa, advanced policing.

Furthermore, the police can also search the alleged offender as well as investigate his/her belongings. Again, without warrant. The idea is not to let the offender escape at any cost and obtaining the search warrant may give the offender a chance to escape.

Now, what’s interesting is, with these new reforms, power of the courts will also be reduced to some extent. The police will be more than capable to do everything: from arrest to justice (Only a written permission from govt can allow the court to interfere in case the special police is involved). That’s why the new bill is facing the heat from the opposition in Bihar.

Why grant unlimited powers to the new police? In America as well in Britain, police powers have been increased by the help of law. And, you don’t need a degree to understand why. Police forces are being used to clamp down on dissenting voices around the world so it is no surprise that the opposition leader Tejashwi Yadav is not pleased.

Is it responsible to create special police who can arrest without warrant? Do we assume that they will not misuse of their powers? Only time will tell.

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  1. This act of state government proves that we really were unable to protect democracy.

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