The Modern Toolkit And Its Ten Tools


A toolkit is a set of tools for making work easy. Recently, a toolkit shared by Greta Thunberg went viral on the internet, although for all the wrong reasons. Her sincere intention was merely to encourage peaceful demonstration but trolls deemed it a conspiracy to weaken India.

While that is being investigated we thought why not list a set of tools that have become all the more important now!?

  1. Drill machine: We need a bigger drilling needle for thickheads. They have so easily shut off their minds from all the proofs, facts and logic that it’s laughable.
  2. Balance level: If you don’t balance you will risk your life. Take for example The Print which had published two contradicting articles. One in which they claimed that Rihanna had charged 18 crores for her 7-word tweet. By that logic, if you do the maths, UN human rights would have been paid 100 crores! Second article, in which, they vehemently state that the Govt has lost the farm laws battle.
  3. Inch tape: It is necessary to re-measure the chest size for it has been shrinking for quite a while now. Be it hunger index, poverty index, human development index, per capita GDP index…in many cases we are worse off than even Pakistan.
  4. Cutter: Use this tool to cut off your connection with the godi media. This addiction to 9 PM news is worse than the drugs to be honest. It’s not only self-sabotaging but also potentially dangerous for the society as a whole.
  5. Plier: This in the toolkit is used to undo any twists or turns in the nail. Use it to undo the damage done to your brain cells by the whatsapp. Uninstall anything that spreads fake or hate news.
  6. Wrench: Used to fasten the loose nuts and bolts. By consuming info from “reliable” whatsapp uncles and BnD media, the lessons of unity in diversity are being forgotten and erased. It’s time to fix yourself!
  7. Hammer: When the authorities pay no heed to the needs of the poor, the poor must awaken and use the force akin to that of a hammer. Examples include Arab spring, Occupy wall street, farmers protest, which have dented the image of governments.
  8. Nail: It is a simple, innocent tool but very significant really. Its use depends on the user. If fixed properly on the wall it can handle a heavy load. The vote is like this nail only. It has the burden of power associated with it. The power of a politician is stable only because of our vote (nail). You have to decide how the power is used.
  9. Oil: It is used for lubrication. Highly recommended for brain which has rusted due to prejudice and misinformation. The oil will revitalize the long lost questioning spirit for sure.
  10. Screwdriver: The last tool in the toolkit is used to turn the screws. Think about this: Public is like the screwdriver and politician is the screw, so, it is our duty to keep the screws tight.

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