Ten Lessons We Can Learn From The Farmers

farmer protest lessons to learn

Let’s dive right into it, shall we?

Lesson 1

Nothing is permanent. Things change fast.

The determined always emerge victorious no matter what the situation be. For instance, after what had happened on Republic Day, everyone assumed that the farmer protest was over.

Many also thought that their leader Rakesh Tikait would be arrested. Heavy police was also deployed at Ghazipur border. But, things turned around, in the blink of an eye. Police forces were called back! Thus, if your intention is pure, keep going when the going gets tough.

Lesson 2

Rise above patriarchy.

Young boys are often taught that men don’t cry. That is a very flawed way of thinking really. Because seeing how they had failed themselves, farmer leader, Tikait broke down.

The media people mocked his manliness since he cried, almost, like a baby. Yet, it helped draw even more farmers to the Delhi-UP border. Farmers in large numbers arrived at Ghazipur riding their masculine tractors. This shows that being emotional is not such a bad thing after all.

Lesson 3

Win or lose. Fight to make a point.

Nobody gave a damn when these farmers sat on the borders of Delhi for more than 2 months. Even after the unfortunate turn of events on 26 Jan, they are still trying hard to fight for their rights.

That they never for once lost hope even when they were against all the odds shows us how to persist despite external factors. The result is not as important as the struggle. So be it exam, job or business, the young must learn to fight. To struggle until the end.

Lesson 4

Revolution is born on the road.

Now, opposition pay close attention. For if you want to be heard, your voice has to be very loud. To bring actual change one must be deeply connected with ground realities. Twitter or social media for that matter is just not enough.

Lesson 5

Remain immune from perception.

The farmers have shown us how to fight propaganda of “Godi Media” with meaning and purpose. People must understand that when the press is not free, it’s going to destroy democracy, inevitably.

The media claimed, upon deployment of police forces at Ghazipur border, that the Farmers will now meet their fate. That their protest will end at last. But, in just a matter of one day, the narrative changed, entirely in the favor of farmers. Never ever in the last 70 years has media been defeated by the common people.

But, farmers have defeated propaganda time and time again. For instance: They also launched their own newspaper and social media handles to convey their message to the people. That’s brilliant in every way.

Lesson 6

What do you care what other people think?

You will be called derogatory names: Tukde Tukde Gang, Khan Market Gang, Libtardu, Khalistani, Go to Pakistan, Sickular, etc. say in politics. In life too name calling is common.

But, no need to fear. Farmers have shown us how to cure poison with poison. They have successfully managed to build widespread unity against the propaganda of media and debunked all sorts of fake news on social media.

Lesson 7

Dissent is not anti-national.

Protests have shown that dissent is a part of democracy. It is our birthright. The right to protest is what sustains a democracy. Farmers have known and applied this very well in real life.

As a matter of fact, the late Arun Jaitley as well as Prime Minister Narendra Modi, came into politics via protesting against the then government. So, dissent is an integral part of democracy.

Lesson 8

The importance of unity.

Generally, human being is a selfish creature. But, surprisingly, for farmers, there is a silent support and respect. Not only in India but all around the world. Global support for farmers is growing strongly as we speak. This is also a unique aspect of human beings, that, in times of trouble, they join each other, in the big fight.

Lesson 9

Apologize when necessary.

After the horrific violence on Jan 26, the farmer leaders demanded arrest of those involved. They did not at all defend the incidents. Furthermore, they have requested a thorough investigation on the same.

But, when you blunder, don’t be cornered, into thinking that it’s all over. Say sorry and bounce back strongly. This the farmers have shown us. There’s no need to self-sabotage just because a mistake was committed. Simply learn.

Lesson 10

Keep evolving.

When they were protesting in Punjab, nobody listened. Then they occupied the borders of Delhi to amplify their voice, after facing water cannons and tear gas and what not. For two whole months they remained all the while sacrificing many brave people. After Republic Day incident, they have redirected their course again. This shows that change in strategy is always good.

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