Will There Be Tandav Season 2? Five Mistakes By The Makers


Tandav has come under a lot of FIRe recently. The demand to ban Tandav has been raised by several state governments. What’s more, some have gone even further in saying that the whole Amazon Prime should be banned!

Look, the makers of Tandav have committed grave mistakes. As many as 5 mistakes that have divided the nation over a TV show.

Mistake 1

Why create a political drama in the first place?

Nobody asked. We were happy with the usual Gandi Baat, Bigg Boss, etc. That was enough really. But, if you think about it, how many political thrillers have we in India? We don’t have: The West Wing, The Crown, House of Cards or Designated Survivor.

Yet we are the biggest democracy in the world?

But there hasn’t been a political thriller in India for a reason. The makers of Tandav should have researched. Because no matter which party is in power, none would approve of such an intense political commentary.

This the makers should’ve known. They must stick with the same old garbage. No need to experiment, please.

Mistake 2

The makers put too much reality into their project

Nobody wants reality. People want fiction. Feel good content. Let’s talk Bollywood for example: Top 10 box office hits include Bajrangi Bhaijan, Bahubali 1 & 2, 2.0, Sultan, Sanju, etc.

Even if you want to portray reality so much, make something like Dangal. Feel good kind of stuff. Win-win in the end. Emotional throughout. Drama and all that. And beat Box office records.

Why insert “too much” socio-political tension into the movie? Yes, you tried to show the ugliness of politics; That, for power, a son could murder his own father. Also, why show students being beaten, police atrocities, injustice with farmers, so on?

These issues, though, do not sit well with OTT audience. You should have known better. Better not show too much reality in too much democracy.

Mistake 3

Director Ali Abbas Zafar is the biggest culprit

Does he live in a cave or something? Has he no knowledge on New India? Because he wouldn’t dare make this had he known. First, the show is political. Second, the casting is also wrong and has many non-bhakt type people. Third, you insert religion into the show as well?

Understand well: Only politicians can talk blatantly about religion. No one else. How dare you? You should’ve done your homework.

Mistake 4

Apology of the makers

By apologizing, you have admitted that you were in the wrong. Thus, another FIR has come up (let’s see if you say sorry again). This time it’s lodged against the makers for showing UP police in bad light.

Policemen have been shown drinking in their uniforms. Abusing also. That can never happen actually. The actor playing Prime Minister has also been shown in bad light. How can you do so? Only Dr. Manmohan Singh can be made fun of or shown in bad light. Nobody else. So, keep your apology and be ready for more outrage.

Mistake 5

Oversimplifying and exaggerating

Liberals were expecting a lot more from Tandav. They wanted a Quentin Tarantino or a Clint Eastwood. In cheap. So, this web series, they say, ain’t good enough. Too simple, in short.

Just think that if “simplistic” can generate such wide scale outrage, how much more an in-depth story would!?

Summing up

One thing is clear: The makers will think twice before making Tandav 2. Plus, OTT regulation that was being talked about will gain further strength after Tandav. So this could very well be the last experiment in bold, realistic portrayal of society. Anyway you always have Gandi Baat, Bhabhi Ji Ghar pe Hai, Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma, Bigg Boss, etc. The problem is: OTT platforms may get reduced to it!

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