Explosive Whatsapp Leak of Arnab Goswami

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There’s a saying: You reap what you sow. In one word: Karma. It all became apparent when alleged conversation between Arnab and Partho Dasgupta was leaked. Earlier, chats of B-wood celebrities was free meal, but this time, the privacy of the leaker had been breached. 500-pages worth of WhatsApp chat released!

If you don’t know Partho, he’s the ex-BARC CEO, currently under custody. BARC is a body that publishes TRP (ratings) of various shows on different TV channels. In chat, he seems to be really close with Arnab.

The chats also reveal how Arnab used to pressurize BARC for TRP. As to how there was a concern for TRAI’s change in structure. And, also the alleged TRP scandal is revealed in the chat.

Or perhaps the chats are fake? Hmm?

No caps

How could a RASH, BOLD and LOUD anchor be so quiet and disciplined in chat? No caps at all? Plus, many grammatical errors as well. Oxford return, is he not? Anyway, let’s overlook that bit.

Partho Dasgupta: He (Prakash Javadekar) is useless honestly.

No response from Arnab.

Then, Partho seems to be talking about Arun Jaitley, who’s on his deathbed; AIIMS admitted.

Partho: “So he hasn’t died yet?”

How rude, and no response from Arnab, again!? Didn’t expect this from a nationalist journalist. Let’s overlook this also.

Partho: “Can you help telling AS to tell TRAI to pipe down on BARC?”

(btw who is AS?)

Partho: “Pls get me a media advisor kind of position in the PMO.”

How can this be true? No. Bootlicking is Lutyens Media job as Arnab had so famously declared before. Arnab would never plead govt official for favors. That’s what Lutyens Media does, right? AKA setting.


It is assumed that “Lutyens Media” is connected to the high and mighty. But we see in the chats that Arnab might have known about the revocation of Art.370 in advance.

He was ready.

Arnab: “Doval met me before taking off for Srinagar.”

The entire plan was known to him beforehand, so it seems. Republic had pre-prepared the show and thus it became the No.1 channel.

Bhakts will say: What’s wrong, then? Better than 70 yrs of Lutyens Media, puppets of Gandhis?

Well, then today, Arnab turns out to be a puppet also. Allegedly!

Arnab: “All ministers with us.”

(Of course, who else will they be with? NDTV, huh?)

This bit “All ministers with us” is being taken scandalously on the social media. But that need not be the case, sarcastically speaking, it’s a good thing.

Debate on leak

There are liberals who demand for a 9PM debate on this leak as well. Just like earlier Arnab had done shows on Bollywood chats on weed, hash, maal, bla bla bla. Now look, that show was important because Deepika’s, Rhea’s chats revealed the Drug Mafia, right? This new leak is not newsworthy. In fact, Arnab is being framed, clearly.

However, if Navika had done a show on it, we will take it to be true. Otherwise let’s call it an alleged conversation only.

Why no TRP?

In chat, Arnab is constantly complaining why he’s not getting TRP. At least 50 times, he goes: “why am I not No.1 yet?” “why no TRP?” “why that guy gets all the TRP.”

You know how well Arnab fought for Sushant’s rights. 4 months long battle he fought. For 4 months “Sushant Sushant Sushant” we saw. But in the conversation, he’s asking for TRP after the shows. Partho explains: People were watching something else.

One can understand his obsession with ratings. TRP is a must if you want to make a 1000 crore company!

Talk to AS

B-A-R-C measure the numbers as in who’s watching what and where. Analog system. The allegation on them is fudging up with the numbers, hence their ex-CEO is under police custody. So, T-R-A-I suggested a digital metric system, which will measure ratings correctly, detect any rigging.

The attempt, as chat reveals, was to discourage this change. Arnab had tried his best. Also said how it’d help BJP.

Arnab: “Can you give me 3 points why TRAI action is working against AS interest, politically.”

So, the new changes mustn’t happen and AS has to know why…

It is hard to believe Arnab asking for advice. He would never take political advice from anybody for he knows it all. Their goal is convincing AS so that the new foolproof system does not come in to place.

Summing up

Recently, Bar Association Ex-president Dushyant Dave described: “While 1000s of cases do not get listed, every time Goswami approaches the SC, his matter is listed instantly.”

But don’t expect debates on this leak. Nothing’s gonna happen. The general public will not even know let alone talk about it and it will be forgotten. Yes, a little damage to Arnab’s reputation has happened but that too time will heal.

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