Coding Controversy: What’s the right time to learn code?

when should you learn coding akash

In 2020, a crisis, other than Corona, made its way into our lives. This was a crisis of false advertising. It took advantage of insecure middle class parents. A reputed company, with all its resources, invested all of its lockdown time, into luring parents towards coding.

Their promise: Jobs worth crores for 9 year olds!

If a 9 year old could earn that much money at that young an age, wouldn’t s/he plan retirement by the age 18? Parents do not understand the marketing gimmicks. Just as they take WhatsApp messages like carving in a stone, they fell into the trap of ads and testimonials which kept pouring in from 360 degrees.

So, can’t blame them entirely!

But the Ads caught attention of online community. They kicked up a storm among programming enthusiasts. Initially, the company tried to clamp down on revolting voices. For example, 30-year old software engineer Pradeep Poonia. When he took objection to this company’s ads and practices, his entire online presence (YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Quora) was disturbed!

Which just showed how fragile a voice on social media is.

Eventually, Advertising Council of India took notice of their highly manipulative Ads. The company was then asked to pull its Ads from all the platforms due to misleading nature.

Whatever be the case, the company’s marketing campaign brought a bad name to coding. It’s not looked upon with a lot of suspicion. The question: Is it wrong to teach kids coding?

Of course not. It’s a skill!

But to play off with parents’ insecurity, build pressure, lure them with monies, THAT is wrong. Very much so. Even illegal.

You know, according to New Education Policy, coding lessons will start as early as class 6. This will happen along with other skills that will boost our kids’ self-reliance, such as carpentry and gardening, and so on. But NEP suggests class 6 onwards, not age 6, as the aforementioned company had intended.

Why impart the burden of coding when the kid is struggling to frame sentences?

Yes, for kids to code AT THE RIGHT AGE is beneficial in long run. Because, STEM jobs require coding at various stages. Furthermore, coding, if taught correctly, is a lot more fun than supposed. They can go on to develop apps, games, websites, etc. Thus, a journey from digital consumers to digital creators.

That’s better than PUBG any day!

Coding helps improve problem solving ability. It shows how to break down larger problem into smaller ones. Experts also say that coding can help in collaboration and communication. This, however, does not mean that all the kids get into it. We must treat coding like a hobby. Some kids paint, others write well, some play like Messi, others code. That’s the way forward.

When in conversation with Coding Ninjas (sponsor), we made it clear to them not to mislead our readers. It’s necessary to understand coding for what it is. Without hype or pressure.

It shows in data that more than 50% graduates are unemployable. According to a 2019 report by Annual Employability Survey, almost 80% engineers aren’t fit for jobs. Thus, coding is all the more important for college going students. If it interests you, even better then!

With Coding Ninjas you can learn and upskill. From C++ to JAVA. From interview prep to Python and competitive programming. At least 50,000 students have learned with Coding Ninjas. Today, they work with companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Adobe, Samsung, etc.

Telling a computer how to behave through a programming language is really cool. Coding takes a lot of brain power and helps you grow both mentally as well as professionally. So, let’s not make an evil out of coding, please?

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