Top Ten Hypocrites of The Year

hypocrisy in india

India is a cricket crazy nation. In fact, for many people, it’s a genuine way of life. In this year, however, we learned that life and cricket are poles apart. While 2020 is the most entertaining format in cricket, in life, this number will be remembered as the most boring, the worst, never-ending trauma for the rest of our lives!

In spite of all the tragedy, we managed to derive some fun out of the year, thanks to the hypocrisy of some celebrities and politicians. Let’s take a look at the ten most hypocrite people in the country.

10. Anupam Kher

Just as Ajay Devgn has his Zuban Kesari (courtesy Vimal Pan Masala), Anupam Kher has “What About Kashmiri Pandits?” on his tongue 24-7.

When intolerance is rising: “What About Kashmiri Pandits?”

CAA-NRC protest: “What About Kashmiri Pandits?”

Rasode mein kaun tha: “What About Kashmiri Pandits?”

His attachment with Kashmiri Pandit is innate, agreed. Although born and raised of Shimla, he’s still Kashmiri Pandit by heart. So, every now and then he asks: “What About Kashmiri Pandits?” He has also written a letter to Govt urging to give Kashmiri Pandits their home back.

The abrogation of Art. 370 was the best news of his life, or so he claimed. “My mother wants to make a house there,” he added. All right, fair demand. Logical.

However, the lockdown followed shortly after. So, he stayed in Mumbai for about 8 months, then he returned to New York, from where he tweeted, with pictures of his beautiful NY home: “The magic about Home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back!!”

AHA, the professor of nationalism has himself settled in New York, his Home Sweet Home. Forget Kashmir! Anupam Ji, not fair. Remember, there’s a saying: “Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.”

9. Baba Ramdev

2020 was a busy year for doctors and scientists as they tried to find cure for the virus. In the meanwhile, Hydroxychloroquine, mustard oil, Ginger, Lemon water, etc. what-so-ever was used for the treatment. Enter Baba Ramdev, who claimed that his Coronil could cure covid patient in 7 days.

But soon, an FIR was lodged against his company because he had marketed Coronil as “the cure” without even taking approval from the Ayush Ministry. Baba took an immediate U-turn: “Not the cure, just an immunity booster,” he clarified.

Had this been someone else, he’d be jailed; UAPA (cough). But, according to a rumor, it was all taken care of by the high and mighty.

8. Arvind Kejriwal

Recently, a clip of his went viral on the internet in which he was tearing up the copies of new farm laws in Delhi assembly. He claimed those bills were pushed through the parliament arbitrarily. Well, that is kind-of okay, and besides, he has spoken in the favor of farmers anyway, so good.

But abrogation of Art 370 was also quite arbitrary. But, he was more concerned about the traffic than Shaheen Bagh protest, then. He had said: “If Delhi Police was under our jurisdiction, we’d have opened Shaheen Bagh road in 2 hrs.” Wow, sir. Twada protest protest? Sadda protest traffic jam?

7. K.K. Venugopal

First, he gave consent for contempt proceedings against comedian Kunal Kamra over tweets. Then, the same against cartoonist Rachita Taneja over stick figure cartoon. After all this, he professed: “For healthy democracy, social media must not be curbed.” This is like: “Steal the goose, and give the giblets in alms”.

6. Subhash Chandra

Two novel solutions have become popular in 2020: Boycott goods and uninstall apps. The two were especially reserved for China. In case of Pak, though, we have always the solution of surgical strike. It so happened that on 15th June, 20 Indian soldiers were martyred in the Galwan Valley clash against China. So, in retaliation, Zee News launched a missed call campaign for boycotting China products.

Good enough. A sentiment is involved after all. However, 15 days after the clash, Zee’s founder Subhash Chandra let out his Mumbai bungalow to Chinese consulate. See? Their patriotism is just as bad as or even worse than a Chinese product!

5. Narendra Modi

In 2013, during an election rally, he said: “They (congress) shouldn’t have tolerated China at all. They should’ve looked at it eye to eye.” That’s how a strong leader should talk, hmmm.

Cut to 2020, Chinese soldiers intruded up to 3 km across the border. 20 Indian soldiers were killed as mentioned before. The entire nation was eagerly waiting for ModiJi to show China its place. But that never happened. Also, he refused to admit that China intruded!

4. Amit Shah

Ram has Lakhan.

Munna has Circuit.

Similarly, Modiji has Amit Shahji.

Amit Shah gave a totally awesome lecture on National Press Freedom Day in this year, when he said: “Modi govt is committed to press freedom, strongly opposes those who try to throttle it.”

But do you see the irony in his statement? Fact is: India ranked 142nd on world press freedom index in 2020. Compare this with 2019 ranking when India was placed 2 spots better (140th). This year, we are just 3 ahead of Pakistan, which ranked 145th.

Did you also know that a great number of Indian journalists were booked, arrested, assaulted during the lockdown? Aka masterstroke: “The public in lockdown and journalism in lockup!” How then would Amit Shah Ji or the Govt ensure press freedom?

3. Akshay Kumar

Every actor has some sort of USP. SRK’s romance, Govinda’s comedy and Akki’s Nationalism!? Yes, why not? But his Canadian citizenship has raised a lot of questions. So, in Dec 2019, he explained: “Got it when I felt my career was over, have applied for India passport.”

Then God knows who discovered Akshay’s old Toronto video, in which he was seen saying: “I must tell you also one thing. This is my home. Toronto is my home. After I retire from this industry, I’m gonna come back here.” Wah! First, he was a khiladi. Then International Khiladi. Now, Khiladi 420!?

2. Arnab Goswami

The journalist who could not see Kunal Kamra eye to eye is often found shouting at his TV studio. For 4 months, he scored TRPs in the name of #JusticeForSSR. After which, it was discovered that he had himself played a role in Anvay Naik suicide case. So, the man who celebrated Rhea’s arrest was also arrested, finally! This “too much irony” may perhaps cure India’s anaemia problem? Hope so.

1. Kangana Ranaut

In 2020, on a beautiful wooden horse, Queen Kangana made her debut on Twitter. After Sushant’s tragic death, Kangana launched an all-out attack on the Bollywood Mafia. “Mumbai feels like PoK,” she once had claimed out of rage! (AKA: Biting the same hand that feeds one.)

Soon, her attention shifted towards Bollywood’s Drug Mafia, as it was pointed out by the BnD media. But her own drug addiction she had anyway forgotten. There is a clip on the internet in which she’s seen saying: “2 years after I ran from home, I was a star. I was a drug addict.”

Additionally, the self-proclaimed women’s icon Kangana called self-made Taapsee and Swara B-grade actresses. What’s more, when she began her own production house, the first employees were her immediate family members. So much for Nepotism!? Media was like: “Not Karan Johar, but Kangana is the new flag bearer of nepotism.” She really is the Queen, isn’t she? At least the Queen of Hypocrisy.

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