Figures Don’t Lie But The Liars Figure: When Criminals Become Lawmakers

This article was written by Deshbhakt Discord Member, Divyanshu Chahal

Politicians are the ones who make and regulate laws, but a problem arises when they themselves have been law breakers. Did you know that India recorded an increase of 44% in the number of MPs with declared criminal cases since 2019.

In Lok Sabha elections of 2019, as many as 233 (about 43%) out of 539 winners had declared criminal cases against themselves. Compare this to 2014 general elections, in which, out of 542 MPs analyzed, 112 (21%) had serious criminal cases registered against themselves. How and why the increase in 5 years?

Crime in politics is not new. It existed even before independence, when political parties would strike deals with goons, for various reasons. However, gradually, the goons too entered into the politics rather than working strictly for their political masters. This was made possible when they were provided opportunities to fight elections on party tickets.

When the lawmakers themselves are culprits, they are bound to justify any misdeeds in the future. What’s the solution to this? Simple: Parties shouldn’t give ticket to such people in the first place. But seems like that is not going to happen any time soon.

Because, it becomes very difficult for parties to find a candidate with no criminal record. These people not only possess the muscle but also the money power to win the election. Therefore, when such people enter politics, it’s not difficult to understand why India lacks in women safety, and stands higher in corruption.

Because such politicians win, the rule of law is weakened and social divisions as caste, ethnicity, and religious differences continue to deepen. Candidates with criminal cases will keep on coming up so it is important that voters inform themselves about the candidate before voting them into power.

Elections have become money and muscle game in India. Surely, we can’t expect a better India when such criminals get the chance to play with country’s politics. The Supreme Court must also look into this matter and pass a strict verdict under the Representation of the people Act (RPA) that no person with a criminal background can enter politics. If that ever happens, politics of India will become cleaner to a great extent.

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