Bharat Bandh: Will The Government Agree To Farmers’ Demands?

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A New India, united and uniformed, was headed on her way to 5 trillion dollar economy at an incredible 56 kph speed. Suddenly, these “misguided farmers” appeared on the scene and all our progress was hampered in an instant!

However, not a single person cared when the “misguided” farmers had remained “misguided” in their native Punjab. Sick and tired of not being heard, the “misguided” farmers rushed to Delhi so to make themselves heard. But they were welcomed with water cannons and tear gas instead, ah, such is life!

Unable to convince the government, the “misguided” farmers announced Bharat Bandh on Dec 8. Eleven anti-national political parties (DMK, NCP, SP, INC, etc) supported it in writing. Also, the leaders from Shiv-sena, TMC, AAP etc. backed the “misguided” farmers’ Bharat Bandh.

Their demand?

That the Centre roll back the 3 Farm laws at once!

One may wonder: How have these farmers become so misguided? Probably the opposition has got to do something with it. Why can’t these farmers stay quiet and behave like their fellow guided compatriots? The Govt has all the good intentions after all!

Like when the Govt demonetized the currency (although nothing good ever came out of it) but still it was historical. Or when the GST was implemented, although, without thought, the businessmen had remained loyal and guided despite suffering irreparable losses. Plus, not a single foreign organization batted an eye when a CAA activist was jailed.

So why speak out now?

  • Why not when we’re made to pay 200% tax on petrol?
  • Do we protest when made to breathe poison in the name of air?
  • Have we any care for the rapidly crashing economy?
  • Or does the unemployed dare go against the Govt?

You may ask why not protest?

Well, because, most people are highly trained, guided, nationalists, patriots, what have you. They cannot be misguided so easily as the farmers. Just like good, sincere citizens, they consume propaganda on the television. Then they scream Justice for SSR (almost) half a year. Otherwise battle Pakistanis virtually. Oh yes, they’re always endangered, as well!

Then they go sleeping.

Words like Debate, Dissent, Discuss, Deliberate and Delete have become alien to them. However, B for Bhakti, Boycott and BnD, they hold dear. And besides, nobody ever got anything out of protest, so why bother?

  • Because, aware media become Lutyens media.
  • Dissenting students become Tukde Tukde Gang.
  • Folks from Bollywood become Drug Mafia.
  • Opposition is anti-national anyway.
  • Intellectuals are frowned upon.
  • Activists, well, they land up in jail straightaway, thanks to UAPA.

That’s exactly how they tried to discredit the farmers. Khalistani, Shaheen Bagh, misguided, and so on, but nothing worked. Not even Kangana could help this time around. Surprisingly, propaganda did not stand a chance against the Punjabis. They came fully prepared, somehow!

All this while, farmer protests have managed to attract foreign attention; from Trudeau to United Nations. How the hell did these “misguided” farmers garner so much support despite having their image maligned by the Godi Media?

Maybe because nobody anymore is convinced by the Govt (which, in its arrogance, refuses to hear anybody with a different say). Examples:

  • Trade unions, unhappy with new labour laws, lended their support to Bharat Bandh.
  • 51 Transport unions extended their support as well.
  • BSNL (on the verge of extinction) and all the Bank unions also.
  • Renowned sportspeople returned their awards.

Past few weeks have shown how badly Godi media and IT cell have failed in their attempt to discredit the whole movement. The government is unable to understand as to how an outrage of such magnitude could emerge without any external support.

Yet, the prime minister maintains that the farmers are being misguided. He says: “We have rolled out a historic law which will allow the farmers to sell their produce anywhere in the country. These are 21st century reforms that will free the farmer of all the old burdens.”

Agreed; The new farm law will send the middlemen out of the system, hence, profits shall increase, good. But what if they don’t? So, earlier, farmers could always rely on the Minimum Support Price. But now, there is “no clause for MSP” in the new law, and why not, because after all, isn’t the Govt supposed to prevent one’s exploitation? Shame on us if we cannot ensure safety to a small farmer from the big corporates.

Second, why so many Punjab and Haryana farmers in the protests, ask the Whatsapp University and Godi media repeatedly. The answer is simple: They do realize the importance of MSP since they benefit the most off of it. Punjab, Haryana & Western U.P. (the pioneers of Green Revolution) are the major producers of those crops on which MSP can be availed. Hence, they suspect that they are being cheated in the name of development.

Along with the MSP, the ability to settle legal dispute in court will also go away. What kind of masterstroke is this anyway? If the Govt has all the good motivations behind these laws, then why were they passed in the Parliament without holding any discussion or debate? It certainly seems as if the new farm laws may harm the agriculture sector in the same way as GST crumbled the overall economy.

The question remains: Will the Govt listen to the farmers?

One thought on “Bharat Bandh: Will The Government Agree To Farmers’ Demands?

  1. An important aspect regarding the reporting this movement is nobody is stressing on the plight of the farmers particularly the marginal farmers across the country. Why they don’t receive msp? The present movement is 100% justified and hit the bulls eye by correctly identifying the problem. Who gains from unlimited hoarding? Why marginal farmers are deprived from map? Why the common citizens are still lackadaisical? The future of our democracy hinges on the logical thought process of the common people. The unlimited hoarding will lead to high inflation and famine like situation in future. Agreed that the present situation in farm sector is not shortage but excess production, but to redress that the government needs to formulate policies for cultivation of different crops to maintain a balance. The present laws are based on us philosophy of grow big or perish. Laws are not bad always but their implementation is the key factor. Litigation mitigation mechanism in India and USA are absolutely incomparable, where judges throw out the petitions of the president who had appointed them. The fears of the farmers arises from the past track record of the government.

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