What really transpired between Diljit and Kangana?

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There’s a wise old saying in English: “Never wrestle with a pig; You both get dirty and the pig likes it.” In day to day online life, we make use of this very strategy to combat anonymous trolls. We ignore them like they don’t exist. Quite an insult, right? The pigs hate it!

However, there are some trolls that take advantage of one’s quiet. They discharge sh*t on the internet on a daily basis. Even worse when these trolls attract a large following; plus when they have with them government’s “virtual” support. Then another wise proverb comes into play: “Sometimes you have to get down and wrestle with the pig, show the pig its place and have a nice hot bath.”

A somewhat similar was done by Punjabi superstar singer/actor Diljit Dosanjh when Kangana Ranaut decided to speak non-sense against the Farmers Protest. After all, she owes it to the government, for they had provided her top-level security, you see!?

So, on her wooden horse, Queen Kangana jumped into the battle field, and started discrediting the Farmers Protest on Twitter. However, she forgot entirely that this wasn’t the routine TV audience, who’d nod in agreement to whatever she’d had to say. Especially, this tweet:

kangana diljit explain

In this tweet, she disrespects an elderly protestor, saying: “This dadi is available for 100 Rs.” While doing so, she makes three major mistakes in a single tweet: One, that wasn’t the Shaheen Bagh Dadi as Kangana had claimed (in her now deleted tweet), Two, why does she assume that anyone protesting against the Govt must be paid, wonder what’s with her, Third and her biggest mistake, taking a shot at the Punjabis. (Not even Arnab could save her this time, as you shall see)!

It so happened that Punjab di shaan Diljit Dosanjh, who had been a strong support to the Farmers, wrote a reply, saying: “For us, our mothers are God-like…

kangana diljit explain

..Who-so-ever disrespects her is not worthy of our respect; reply and don’t you run Kangana. This seems enough for the day, need more, do let me know. Punjabis are ever-ready.”

He also attached a video along with the tweet which exposed all of Kangana’s lies. She was trying to link the Farmers Protest to Shaheen Bagh protest and how! Now debunked, a sane person would apologize, but you know, Kangana being Kangana, she instead exploded on Diljit like a volcano!

kangana diljit explain

She says: “You Karan Johar’s pet, the same Dadi who’d protested at Shaheen Bagh also was present at the Farmers protest. I have no idea who Mahinder Kaur is; what’s with the drama? Stop this right now!”

Look who was lecturing about drama; Kangana herself; oh, the irony died a 1000 deaths!

Anyway, a typical Bollywood star in this scenario wouldn’t respond. But Diljit knew that Kangana was just beating around the bush. So, he went on: “Are you a pet of everyone you’ve worked with?”

kangana diljit explain

Diljit adds: “By that logic, you must have plenty of owners, right? This ain’t Bollywood, This is Punjab, Thunder in our chest. Nobody knows lying better than you; You play with people’s gullibility.”

Dosanjh said in public what everybody had known since very long. That surely got on to Kangana’s nerves, which was why, she resorted to what she knew the best:

kangana diljit explain

She says: “You lackey, I beat the hell out of those whose asses you lick daily. I am Kangana Ranaut, not a footman such as you who lies. I had commented only on the Shaheen Bagh protestor. If anyone can prove otherwise I will apologize.”

She was clearly lying. Trying to divert the whole issue towards Bollywood or Shaheen Bagh. A desperate attempt to link the two protests. Because, perhaps, this time she wasn’t trained adequately by the IT cell.

Diljit did not stop either.

kangana diljit explain

He says: “I have never! But, how many asses have you licked for work?! I don’t struggle in Bollywood, madam. Bollywood people reach out to me instead! I repeat, this ain’t no Bollywood, this is Punjab (you’re messing with)..We know exactly how to tackle you!”

Nobody had ever exposed Kangana like that.

Why couldn’t Bollywood confront Kangana like this? Diljit showed us how easy it was, although, he did have to stoop down to her level, but even so!

He added further: “Have you no manner?”

kangana diljit explain

“How could you spew non-sense against someone’s mother or sister despite being a woman yourself? For us Punjabis, Mothers are Godly…this time, the snake (allegedly Kangana) has went seeking inside the beehive (Diljit). You have nary an idea who you’re messing with! (Google my Punjabi)”

Surely, Kangana must have felt defeated by then. Unlike Bollywood, Diljit was not going to go away quietly. But, instead of staying mum, she launched another Twitter attack, saying: “I wholly understand Punjabi. But have you no shame defending those who caused the riots in Delhi? Oh wait, you have none of it, we all know how Karan Johar gives you work.”

At this point, Diljit be like, how stupider could she get!? (As she was totally trying to distract from the Farmers’ issue. Never forgetting KJo!)

But, he did not give up, oh no!

kangana diljit explain

Translation: “Why d’you keep changing the topic? Are you out of your mind? Just answer, don’t distract! Our mother-like figure whom you accuse of selling out for 100 Rs. She’s old but more than enough to tackle heroines like you.”

You may think this was the end of their lovely conversation but it wasn’t! Kangana tries to distract from the issue over and over again: terrorism, Pakistan, tukde-tukde, aliens, etc. But, Diljit brings her back to the Farmers’ again. At last, Kangana settles to: “No matter who’s right or not..Only the country must be right. You guys are misleading the farmers. I’m worried..I’m disapointed by these continuous protests, angered by these riots, blood-sheding. And you all are part of this, remember that!”

Any ordinary person would’ve give in but not Diljit. By his incoming reply, he has shown us how not to get distracted by any emotional argument.

kangana diljit explain

He posts a picture of Mohinder Kaur, he says: “Does this mother look like that to you? Why bring in Khoon-Kharaba everytime; that what you want?. Our mother is God..Nobody taught you it clearly. But this Punjabi will show you how to treat the elderly.”

Ultimately, Kangana realized that her efforts were futile.

So she ran back seeking support from the IT cell (At least that’s what’s known from the sources) to save her from public ridicule. The news is that cyber warriors are on their way and Diljit, their new target! Perhaps, very soon, you may see news, debates or exposes on Diljit. But he’s more than capable of dealing with it, at least that’s certain.

After all this, will Bollywood awaken from sleep now? Even Diljit told Kangana: “You’re barking up the wrong tree, I’m no Bollywood!” Sure there are few actors and directors who speak up against the viciousness of trolls, but otherwise, there is only silence in the film industry.

Diljit has shown how to cure the poison with medicine. Although bitter in taste, it was need of the hour! Now, Kangana will think twice before sharing a fake news on Twitter, hopefully. But ultimately, what’s important to understand is this: Trolls will try as hard as possible to discredit a noble movement but one has to stand up for if what one believes is right, because otherwise, truth shall not prevail!

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