8 Key Points To Take Away From The Farmers Protest

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Thanks to their indefinite perseverance, some pressure from the opposition and outrage on social media, farmer associations are negotiating with the government over the three new farm bills. While that undergoes, we shall like to remind you the following 8 important points.

Who is anti-national?

Who-so-ever protests against the current government has somehow anti-national agenda or so is the public made to believe through the media. Earlier, it was the students and now it’s India’s farmers. The question is, since when did policies of a particular government become synonymous with the whole nation?

Why are Farmers protesting?

Because, they oppose the privatization of agriculture. In other words, the bills encourage mega corporates to join an otherwise independent farming sector, and make purchases at low prices. The only demand by farmers is to include minimum support price legally in the law.

Media changing perspectives

Media has the power to make you love the oppressor and hate the oppressed. Don’t you think whenever someone protests, media always paint them in the wrong color? They make use of names such as tukde-tukde gang, khan market gang, award wapsi gang, misguided, conspirator, etc. so to discredit the whole movement. This is worrying for a young democracy like India’s!

Strategy to stop the march

The farmers discovered a 30 ft deep trench on the National Highway as they moved towards Delhi. There is only one other organization that digs up the routes so to prevent entry and they are Naxals. Alright, so you “became what you hated” and pulled off a masterstroke, but against who!? They are farmers, damn it, and this for them turned out to be a piece of cake, really!

Jail for protesting farmers

Since digging up roads, water cannons and tear gas shells did not work very well against the farmers, the Delhi Police sought Aam Aadmi Party’s permission to convert stadiums into temporary prisons for the incoming protesters. However, thankfully, the permission was denied – farmers are not criminals – replied the Kejriwal government.

Discrediting with Khalistan factor

If you cannot prevent them, discredit them. Example: When students raise questions, they become tukde-tukde gang or Afzal Premis. When intellectuals return award, they become Award Wapsi Gang. When activists protest, they become urban naxals, and so on.

To tarnish the reputation of farmers from Punjab, a Khalistan factor was added by the media, a factor which is non-existent in Punjab itself! The goal was simply to misguide the TV audience into thinking that anybody protesting against the government must be wrong. A predictable trend, honestly speaking!

Farmer suicides a problem

Tear gas shelling on the Farmers was all the more ironic since the farmers already have them in abundance! In fact, did you know that 28 farmers commit suicide daily in India? The goal was to double their income by 2022 not double their pre-existing troubles. If the government cared for the farmers so very much, why welcome them with lathis, water cannons and gas shells?

Is protest illegal?

According to many experts of politics, protest is not a departure from democracy; it is rather absolutely essential to it! However, over the last five years, any protest is deemed anti-national and protestors synonymous with anti-India forces. Don’t you think that if this trend carries on, there will remain no dissenting voices in the country thus ultimately causing the democracy to fall!?

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