Bhakt Banerjee Exposes Love Jihad And Liberals!

Hello mitron, I am back, this time to teach you all the most important lesson! I call it the lesson of “pure” love. But first, I must ask: Have you ever fallen head over heels in love with someone? Have you ever had someone steal your heart away? Well, who am I kidding, I know for sure we’ve all had such feelings in the naivety of our youth, haven’t we?

However, I warn you – keep those damn feelings within your own faith or else you know me well! I tell you this despite knowing that “two adults are free to choose their partners”, a verdict clearly dictated by the Allahabad High Court. I respect the court from the bottom of my heart but I choose not to respect their judgment.

Do hear me out.

I believe in uniformity. That’s because it’s beautiful and so much less confusing. And besides, what is so great about this supposed freedom of yours? I say, this freedom is utterly anti-national and anti-culture! A freedom to eat what-ever, a freedom to wear what-ever, a freedom to romance who-ever, what’s with the non-sense for god’s sakes?

Freedom is the root of all evil if you ask me!

And that’s why I consider our Yogi Ji has played a brilliant masterstroke by approving an ordinance against love jihad. It’s a tight slap to who-so-ever professes “personal choice” in the matters of love. So, let’s say if you marry for religious conversion, then bye-bye to a good 3-10 years of your life, aha! Furthermore, your union will be declared null and void for good.

But I find it incredibly hard to believe as to how such a noble move was so roundly condemned by the liberandu people! Don’t they honor their values and tradition? Have they no fear of losing hold of a 10,000-year-old culture!? Why remain so deeply ignorant while pretending to be progressive? Open your eyes, damn it, take notice of the planned conspiracy!

Not at all, instead, the liberals maintain that love-jihad is a hoax, merely a divide-and-rule policy, and their basis for saying so, because NCW has no data.

Wow, I’m not surprised at all: they are blinded by secularism, of course! Just cause there is no kept data at the present does not imply absence of the problem, hello? We shall start recording love-jihad cases from now onwards and then all you liberandus will come to understand the scale of it. I say, it’s even bigger than the ongoing corona or unemployment problem!

Moreover, all that you liberals do is cry over women’s mistreatment in our country. When at last we’ve started caring for our sisters, you turn out to be hypocrites while ignoring the problem at hand altogether. Shame on you! In any case, we shall not stop against the people who seek to destroy our heritage in the name of love. This is New India and love’s not personal anymore, mind it!

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