7 Things We Need Independence From


Nowadays, when someone cheers for “azadi”, he/she might be termed anti-national or part of the tukde-tukde gang. However, reality is, there are still a few of the things we need independence from, so here goes…

Azadi from BnD media

Many philosophers have claimed: “Those who can control the mind can control the politics.” It is therefore any political party’s dream to have the media under their control…not that we’re naming or shaming anybody! It’s just that any disease could be cured provided the right treatment except brainwashing. In fact, even the Russians, who were the first to announce the covid vaccine, couldn’t find the cure for propaganda!

So be there any other problem in the country, including (but not limited to): rising prices, economy crashing, environment deteriorating, etc. the media could always be put to use to divert the public attention. Hence, we the people, must attain independence from such vultures of the mind, or otherwise we will always remain oblivious to important issues!

Azadi from WhatsApp university

Once we obtain independence from TV media, we must also achieve the same from fake news and fake forwards on the WhatsApp university. This special university is catered towards the middle aged men and women who have no freaking clue of the viciousness of the internet!

In 2020, the pandemic induced lockdown forced us into our houses and so naturally our attention shifted towards the next most entertaining thing about life: mobile phones, on social media, especially! Well then, guess what, according to a study, the spread of fake news had never been higher.

Azadi from intolerance

We must adopt the “sab changa si” attitude, on Twitter, at least…because, there’s a “boycott” campaign trending on it every other day! The funny thing is that intolerant Indians are boycotting Indian companies for petty reasons, while never actually boycotting them, but only “barely managing” to malign the company’s digital image with some tweets.

Not just that, there is a growing intolerance wherever there is disagreement. Sometimes over a cartoon, sometimes over a joke, sometimes over a tweet, sometimes over a film, and sometimes over an article. (Who knows?) This must change as soon as possible, in a free and democratic country, don’t you think so?

Azadi from lack of scientific temper

India has always been known for her scientific zeal. But lately, that has changed in some way due to many reasons. Well, Bollywood action sequences are partly to blame, however, now even politicians have managed to lower the bar of India’s scientific aptitude.

Take for example, our education minister, who claimed in the Parliament that astrology is superior to science. Truth be told, it’s like comparing apples with oranges since astrology is merely pseudo-science. Another politician deemed evolution as fake as if it’s up to him to decide how nature must behave!

Therefore, in order for us to progress towards the India of 2050, we must make friends with science and not keep ignoring it! Furthermore, a scientific temper must be developed in time to combat the rise of fake news related to science. For those on the edge, think about it this way: If god didn’t intend for us to use our brains, he wouldn’t have blessed us with them in the first place!

Azadi from nepotism

Fact is, nepotism is everywhere. However, it’s even worse when it comes to politics, and so must it go! Because, an actor or a cricketer might underperform in a film or a match, respectively, but it wouldn’t hurt in the long run. On the other hand, an irresponsible politician, once elected, can truly ruin the country for decades to come, just think about it!

Azadi from disrespect for privacy

In India, where joint family has been part of culture since time immemorial, where arranged marriage is the norm, where romance and passion are frowned upon, where parenting is akin to detective work, privacy is a tough nut to crack. Here, your business is my business and everyone must know everything about everyone else, in other words, “gossip is life”!

Azadi from environmental indifference

In our country, almost nobody takes the worsening environment seriously. That is because we can manage since “jugaad” is our thing, right? However, it is time to realize that our children and their children might not be able to survive if we barely manage to manage!

Meaning: we must start taking the environmental issues with utmost sincerity. Think about this: Many Indian cities list in the world’s most polluted places. Our governments keep on falling trees and we don’t budge. Rivers and oceans are treated like dumping grounds. This must stop!

Summing up

Those were the 7 things we still require “azadi” from, apart from, you know, the good old poverty, hunger, corruption and so on. Despite numerous other achievements, be it in sport, space or films, we remain trapped in the above mentioned social and political ills. Time to wake up!

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