Five Masterstrokes That Have Revitalized Indian Democracy

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2020 is a historic year and 10th of November, 2020, even more so, especially as far as the Supreme Court of India is concerned. Interim bail was granted to Arnab Goswami and two others in abetment to suicide case. Furthermore, the top court claimed that the Bombay High Court was wrong in its previous judgment of not granting the same.

Arnab fans could not be more happier…well, after all, their favorite journalist has roared his way back into the studio…or something like that…and now that he’s returned, they won’t be missing their evening dosage of “news entertainment” for sure!

And while granting the bail to Arnab and others, Justice Chandrachud has made some great observations which are worth mentioning, hence this post.

Don’t like it? Don’t watch it!

Even though the case that brought Arnab to jail had nothing to do with his “epitome” of a channel or his “alleged” role in the TRP scandal…Justice Chandrachud managed to scoop it in into his judgment, when he said: “If you don’t like their channel, then don’t watch it.”

On the basis of that argument, one may solve half the problems of the world: “If you don’t like a tweet, then don’t read it”, “If you don’t like a cartoon, then don’t see it”, “If you don’t like air pollution, then don’t breathe”, well, you get the idea, right!?

The lesson to learn here is simple enough: We should not bother ourselves in matters that don’t affect us directly and then voila, all the problems resolved!

State cannot target individuals

The Supreme Court asserted: “If state governments target an individual then they must realize there’s an apex court to protect the liberty of citizens!” This is clearly a step in the right direction, because now, we believe, a pregnant woman might not have to wait 70 days for bail due to her role in organizing a protest. Also, a doctor would not be targeted by a state government for his speech and be jailed for 9 months only to discover later that he was innocent all along.

Interfere wherever needed

Justice Chandrachud has said: “If we do not intervene in this case today, we shall walk the path of destruction.” In other words, the Supreme Court will interfere whenever and wherever justice is delayed, very well put indeed! So, from now onwards, whenever students get beaten up in their university campuses, wherever little girls be cremated in the dead of night, when the minorities have nowhere else to go, the Supreme Court will interfere for sure and the justice shall prevail!

Liberty must be protected

“If we as a constitutional court do not lay down the law and protect liberty, then who else will!?” Justice Chandrachud boldly questioned, and rightly so…”personal liberty must be upheld!” After this historic judgment, 80-year old and bed-ridden poet, Varavara Rao shall too be relieved…In addition, liberty of activists like Sudha Bhardwaj and Stan Swamy will be upheld soon, because after all, they’re just as much Indian citizens as crorepati journos are!

Abetment to suicide needs actual incitement

This is the ultimate masterstroke played by Justice Chandrachud: “For section 306, abetment to suicide needs actual incitement.” In other words, the witch-hunt against Rhea by various news channels, including by Arnab’s Republic TV, must end pretty soon, since, there was no suicide note discovered at the site. Now, BnD media will return to honest journalism, hopefully, and legal matters must not be dealt on national TV anymore!

Summing up

Thanks to Justice Chandrachud, our democracy has been rejuvenated, and in style! Our freedom of speech and liberty have been upheld by the firing of those 5 incredible masterstrokes. Sooner or later, justice shall prevail, across the length and breadth of this country, and you will see!

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