Sickular Libtard and Annoyed Bhakt Discuss Freedom of Expression

Libtard: You see…freedom of expression means, I should be able to paint, read, write, wear and eat what-so-ever I want, you know? I should be able to sleep with anyone I want as long as the other party is a consenting adult, male or female, at my home, or at a hotel that I pay for? This is what defines our democracy. Not playing the “boycott-boycott” game!

Bhakt: What a bunch of rubbish! Just for a moment there I thought you were onto something but then it all became a “sleeping-sleeping” game towards the end. If you so much desire sleeping with men, go to Pakistan, and then tell me what they do to you there!? You seem to be “woke” and taking sides with “homo-people” but you know what you really are? An ungrateful, anti-national Kutta!

Libtard: How can you say I’m ungrateful? Or anti-national? After all, I care for my country and I want to see India progress not just economically but also on a more fundamental level. Hence, I criticize. Which is also “by the way” allowed by the Indian constitution and so you know what? It is you who should be ashamed of the prehistoric, illogical and offensive thinking, that you so brazenly used in your previous argument!

Bhakt: Oh, nice! Your freedom of speech is acceptable and mine isn’t? What sort of double standard is that? My way is offensive and your way is cool? You make me quote our greatest leader “Hypocrisy ki bhi seema hoti hai!”

Libtard: Let me cut you short there…I don’t threaten to send you to Pakistan. I’m not going to go on a social media war against you, am I? So, who’s offensive, hello? Your freedom of speech, believe it or not, is quite intact, although…quick suggestion: you must really “work” upon how you “execute” your freedom of speech.

Bhakt: So you think my freedom of speech is absurd and politically incorrect, while yours is wise and holy? Isn’t that, what do you call it…ummm….an “elitist” bullying!!??

Libtard: Well, well, well…disapproval is not equal to elitism nor is it bullying. I’ve just stated in a simple sentence that your views appear to be medieval and that your arguments are absurd. It is, in fact, you, who has always resorted to bullying (since you know when) by calling us names like “award wapsi gang”, “tukde tukde gang” “sickular” “urban naxal” and what not!?

Bhakt: Who do you think you are, haan? You, libtardu? Just because I’m passionate about my position does not mean it’s an incorrect one, okay? I can be loud and passionate and just as right as you, get it? You f**ing sickular, einstein ki aulad??

Libtard: Are you done with your abuses? Now, you know, this language that you use, is probably the “side-effect” of freedom of expression. But after all that, isn’t it wonderful to have this valuable tool in a democracy, don’t you agree? Recognize the beauty of it, will you? However, I too remain firm on my views…because I do not agree at all with your position”s”. I won’t call you too many names though but just that you’re quite “silly” if you know what I mean!?

Bhakt: So, you folks can go on to write or draw or say or film, anything bad about our supreme nation run by our supreme leader, and then you think I’d take it all very quietly!? If that is your definition of freedom of expression, I refuse it, for I have my own kind of freedom of expression, if “you know what I mean”?

Libtard: I would like to go back to my previous point. This is my India just as much is yours. Is my country great? Honestly, I don’t think that way. But can my country become it?? Yes, I feel so. If I, and other citizens like myself, recognize what her problems are, and we work in unison, rather than boycotting one another, then only India can become truly great, don’t you think so?

Bhakt: Hey, hey, hey, you don’t tell me what I can think or not about my India. You are the bloody “paid” media aka “presstitute” if I may say! Just you wait, I will flood your timeline with messages like: “Where were you in 1984?” “Where were you in 1975?” “Where were you when the Pandits were expelled from Kashmir?” You seem to be a supporter of freedom of expression, so answer me this, where were you when all those dark events demarcated our democracy??

Libtard: First of all, I wasn’t born yet. Second: I think what-ever happened was painful and unacceptable. Third: this “whataboutism” is totally illogical. Fourth: Those despicable acts need not be repeated and lastly, if you spam my timeline, I will block you!

Bhakt: Ah, so much for freedom of speech! Blocking people who ask difficult questions!? And voila: You are the champion of freedom of speech! Now, that, is plain and simple, “hypocrisy”, I repeat!!

Libtard: Blocking hateful spammers is not only my right to privacy but also a right to a “healthy online life” if that is a thing. Most people, like you, have the wrong idea about blocking. And you know what, the very feature of “blocking” was invented and incorporated into social media for the trolls like you!

Bhakt: You got a rebuttal to everything, right? This is why I was hesitant to have this discussion, why because you don’t respect my beliefs, so get off me now, will you!?! Go to Bangladesh or Pakistan or whatever I don’t care, libtardu! I will continue to “teach” your kind on social media and if need be, in person! Bye!!

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