10 Numbers That India Should Outrage About!

10 data points india

While the mainstream media aka B&D continue to hide ground reality, we shall bring to you the following data points, which although disappointing, cannot be ignored for too long. Better the harsh truth than the comforting fantasy, right?

  • The first number is 0 which we mention because the government says it has no data on number of migrant deaths, migrant job losses, healthcare staff deaths and so on. No data has become a go-to answer for various questions posed by the Opposition.
  • Bad loans: Due to covid induced lockdown, small and large business owners suffered huge losses. To help, the government introduced a moratorium earlier this year. However, when this “relief period” is discontinued, sometime later in 2020, estimates predict a “bad debt” of 20 trillion Rupees!
  • On many global indices such as press freedom, passport, human capital, and so on, India’s ranking has slipped. Worst of all is our position in hunger index in which out of 107 countries, our rank is 94. Even the neighboring countries like Nepal, Pakistan, and Bangladesh have better scores than India.
  • The third biggest cause of deaths in India is air pollution: Close to 1.2 million deaths every year. Year by year, politicians argue and blame one another for the poor air quality. The three parties: Congress, BJP and AAP, continue to quarrel among themselves while the poor people pay the price.
  • 28 Indian farmers are committing suicide every single day. The government had promised to double the farmer income by 2021 but rather they introduced in 2020 “historic bills” that farmers across the country protested against in large numbers.
  • Out of 539 MPs in Parliament, a staggering 233 have criminal cases registered against them. That means 43% of the government is being operated by possible goons! This also says a lot about voters who voted them there, does it not?
  • Over 115,000 deaths in India due to Covid and that is a worrying number. Start taking Covid-19 seriously and don’t believe anyone if they say that the “curve is flattened” because it’s not. Hospital beds are still missing, “Ayush” doctors are treating patients in ICU, the second peak is yet to come!
  • Apart from migrant laborers, 21 million is the number of salaried job losses, which is a mighty failure due to total lockdown. Remember in 2014, we were promised 2 crore annual employment opportunities? Well, forget it, it is in fact time to question the “45 year high unemployment” rate!
  • Justice seems to be taking longer than usual as there are nearly 4 crore cases pending in the Indian courts. Of these, 51 lakh cases are unsolved in the high courts and 3.5 crore cases remain open in district courts. This surely makes one remember the infamous dialogue, “Taareekh pe taareekh!”
  • According to the IMF, India is set to drop below Bangladesh in terms of per capita GDP as the economy is projected to contract by a massive 10.3 percent this year. India and Bangladesh seem to be involved in a neck to neck fight in terms of GDP per capita so it will be interesting to see what measures are taken by the government to bounce back strongly in 2021.

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