Nationalism for sale

Ever since we got independence from Nehru in 2014, the passion of nationalism has been boiling in our blood. Everybody is motivated to do something for the country, and so they are making a facebook account with Indian flag as their profile picture. Those who are not equally nationalist are being told to go to Pakistan. From TV to Twitter, Dangal to DNA to Republic, we are constantly being fed one thing- nation needs us. Not just the government but the market forces and evergreen(or to say ever-saffron) ‘sanskari forces’, all are rooting for us to become economic, cultural and spiritual warriors of our country. Not at the border, but in the market. Some products are being sold in the market on the name of patriotic duties. Whether your toothpaste has salt or not, your purchase should definitely have patriotism!

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Marketing experts are utilizing their creative genius onto the advertising platform that has enabled the consumer to educate themselves on nationalist sanskari values, important for the advancement of society. From Shri Baba Ramdev ji to Akshay Kumar everybody has a role to play in making this a huge success. Our citizens have been kind to respond positively but there exists naysayers for any great ideologies, they obviously belong in Pakistan.

Does this sound like propaganda politics to you? Or does it just seem like good business sense?

On many occasions Baba Ramdev has asked our people to fulfill their patriotic duties. You can’t stand at our border but you can pay for atma nirbhar products right? Well people did respond in kind, 10,000 crore rupees. Fortune oil and Kajaria have also seen some action with Akshay Kumar starring in many of their ads related to our soldiers duty. Hyundai saled its Santro that serves the soldier first and becomes India’s most patriotic car. Kajaria purports a “sanskaari” feng-shui and offers us floor tiles made of the most patriotic soil of this country. We have so many options as consumers so to narrow the options over your emotional pride for your country is unquestionably the best practice, right? India is late on this train, the nationalistic market has seen great success around the world. 

The same MNC that hailed “America First” in the states lands in India shouting “Long live India!”. Clearly, this massive nationalistic market only supports those who are total “desi”, total “sanskari” and mostly pro-government. Once you put up this armour of nationalism and patriotism, no big foreign company can challenge you in this arena. 

Who can forget demonetisation in 2016 when we were hushed over the soldier-on-the-border slogan?! Now, we don’t need to fight at the border or even stand for our soldier, just buy yourself a Patanjali Dant-kanti toothpaste and become No.1 Deshbhakt! Not just the government or Baba is taking advantage of our soldiers but it is the entire market. The formula for immediate success has been cracked now- Desh Bhakti+Army=Profit. Whether it is the Hero company saluting our soldiers or Bajaj using INS Vikrant’s junk, patriotism has never failed in moving the consumers. Dilemma now is that if now the consumers of such highly nationalistic products raise questions from the government, whether they will be considered nationalistic now or anti-national?

Jeans were once being tagged as western culture by our very own Baba Ramdev but as soon as they got the Patanjali tag, they became ‘sanskari’. Such is the magic of nationalism! Not just patriotism, Patanjali clothes also provide the wonders of Ayurveda. It won’t be a surprise if tomorrow, he will introduce Patanjali alcohol with Gaumutra in it and people will buy that too. 

This new trend of nationalism and marketing is not going anywhere soon because even the market knows how easily the public can be manipulated in the name of patriotism. So if you still don’t see this outrageous propaganda of selling nationalism in exchange for both your feelings and your money, may god protect your bank account and the amount if there is any left after the recent ‘Act of God’.

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