Deshbhakt Akash head-to-head with Bhakt Banerjee

“Namashkaaaar Mitron,” said Deshbhakt Akash, derisively, much to the displeasure of Bhakt Banerjee, who was seated right across him, in a room just enough to fit the two. “That’s my dialogue, Khangressi!” The bhakt yelled.

“Oh, well…” Akash frowned. “Our people have been requesting to get you on board for a rapid fire!”

“Jealous much?” The bhakt questioned in his typical squeaky voice.

Akash shook his head in disbelief….His gaze lowered.

“You’ve been trying to cut me out, right?” Bhakt Banerjee continued unabated. “Apply Burnol, ha!”

“Anyways, let’s continue…” Akash seemed rather flustered.

“Bring it on!” The bhakt scoffed like it was no big deal.

“Okay…So you must answer straight-away….without much though, got it?” Akash described the rules.

“No explaining needed…” The bhakt snapped. “I take every other decision without thinking!”

“Oh…How I wish you guys didn’t work like that!” Akash murmured.

“Regardless…” Akash had had enough. “First word for you: Modi Ji!”

BB: God.

AB: Advani Ji

BB: Retirement home.

AB: Mandir?

BB: Vahin ban gaya!

AB: Employment.

BB: Huh…IT Cell…No degree required plus buttload of money!

AB: Unemployment?

BB: Nehru’s mistake.

AB: So are you gonna resort to blaming?

BB: Why not?

AB: Rafale scam.

BB: Bogus jumla by your Pappu.

AB: Tell me this…Achhe dinnnn?

Bhakt Banerjee fumbles…Deshbhakt Akash giggles. “Aayenge, Aayenge!” Bhakt says.

AB: Okay, okay. WhatsApp?

BB: The ocean of knowledge and wisdom. Ah, my whole life depends on it!

AB: Hindu.

BB: Endangered! Endangered! Endangered!

The bhakt yells as if his bottom was set up on fire.

AB: Ah, my mistake, I meant The Hindu, newspaper?

BB: Oh, uh, we must endanger it, just you wait!

AB: Hmmm….Logic?

BB: Is that a word? Never heard of it?

AB: Typical…moving on…demonetisation?

BB: Masterstroke against black money!

AB: No, no, no…Not that 2016 one….Guess what? Modi Ji is at it again!

BB: Shut up…Are you serious? Gotta run…Where’s my ATM card? Where’s my card? Aaaaah!!

Bhakt Banerjee stormed off. Even the thought of standing outside a bank in a long queue had left him mortified.

(Just between you and me, it was an April Fool’s day when Akash and Bhakt filmed this video!!)

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