Modi’s Silence Explained!

So we are all familiar with the well established fact that PM Modi is not a big fan of press conferences. Not that he doesn’t like sharing his views with the people; in fact his favorite job is still being a radio jockey at “Mann Ki Baat”. It is these press conferences that involve him listening to others’ views or face questions over his remarks. Clearly, he doesn’t want such distractions when he speaks. So what’s the big deal?!   

The one time that he did attend a press conference (such a democratic leader then in spite of his dislike towards it, he managed to come to a press conference), he raised many eyebrows when he constantly deflected all questions towards the current Home Minister and former BJP President, Mr. Amit Shah. Now, there can be many justifications for this, and mind you all of them are nationalistic. 

So laugh all you want, you Pakistani sympathizers! Our reincarnation of the 11th avatar of Vishnu, a man solely dedicated to his country’s health and wealth; a man who works tirelessly for 18 hours a day remained justifiably silent during a press conference held to understand his impeccable policy making decisions. Here lies a man who gave other party members a chance to express their sentiments, (“Waah Modiji Waah”). How benevolent can the man be? We don’t deserve a leader like Modi, if there is a need to explain himself and his legislative prowess. Why would he concern himself with anti-national reporters who will inevitably find faults or most likely create faults of their own?

Mr. Sudhir, Mr. Arnab or Mr. Chaurasia are objective rational reporters who never once questioned his actions, rather they applaud and thank him profusely for the same. These are the kinds of people Modi should entertain, right? After all, they are the only ones who’d provide a script for him so that he’s able to answer appropriately. 

Our Prime Minister has constantly been accused by these anti-nationals, of curbing freedom of expression. They have also claimed that he’s the dictator that is exemplified in the Charlie Chaplin classic. An undeserving Nobel laureate like Amartya Sen talked about the tolerance of inequality being worrisome in India. Bloody Bengali, Go to Bangladesh! 

Even if these people constantly charged him of fascism, he made a point to consider their concern. Which is why he stayed silent in his own press conference and allowed Mr. Amit Shah to experience his freedom of speech. Mr.Modi makes it a point to always thank everybody responsible for making his ‘Atma-nirbhar’ specials a success but what’s the point? These anti-national folks will find fault whether he opens his mouth or doesn’t.

It is not as if he didn’t say anything. He did thank everybody at the end of the conference. We should marvel upon his modesty and not question his silence. He could’ve spoken more than this but unfortunately his answer-script for the conference got lost. Yes, a similar script to what he had in the News Nation interview with Deepak Chaurasia. Now, that’s called being prepared, not being repressive. 

The bottom-line is, PM Modi has a strategy behind everything he does. First, he constantly babbled in elections rallies in 2019 and stayed silent in his press conference. That was his agenda to stay in the news (which obviously, common citizens like us won’t understand). Although, we all can realize that this strategy did pay him off in the 2019 General Elections. 

These anti-nationals, urban naxals! So what if you have doctorates and understand logic, that doesn’t mean you will start questioning our nationalism even if you’re highly qualified. In fact, this entire education system needs to be revolutionised that gives these people the credit to study the current socio-political status of the country. Our Modi government has already worked towards changing this curriculum in its first term that teaches kids to consider Mahatma Gandhi, a holy spirit and Godse a villian(not God?!). We have already seen how they are thriving towards more such reforms in its second term. 

What is this cry over logic anyways? Is logic more important than our Supreme Leader? It is still not forgotten how people created hue and cry over his RADAR statement. So what if he thought clouds are beneficial to keep RADAR from catching our fighter jets. Everybody’s favorite comedian Zakir Khan also understands the significance of clouds; that is humour for you but when Modi says the same, it becomes dark comedy?! (Hypocrites!) Our great PM gets to use the latest technology even before it is launched for the general public. Remember how he reminisced about having a digital camera, sending an Email way before they were discovered. He is not lying, he is an entrepreneur. He is our very own Elon Musk! I am sure, if given more time he would also reveal that he ordered his digital camera on Amazon Prime. He is a multi-tasker. Not only did he teach Obama Hindi but he also corrected the Chinese over the spelling of ‘strength’ that they have been using erroneously for years. (Remember S-T-R-E-A-N-H?) 

After showcasing his scientific knowledge, impeccable English proficiency; he also exhibited his sensational understanding of Algebra in Canada.

He went on to introduce thrilling applications of Chemistry wherein he recycled sewage gas to make tea inspiring all of us to re-use the sewage water for this purpose! He is extremely humorous against the claims of him being glum. Remember his “dyslexia joke”? Everyone’s favorite meme Rahul Gandhi may call it insensitive but truly it was his presence of mind that helped him to change the topic from something he doesn’t know about to something, he is a master in! (True politician, right?!) 

By the way, sensitivity reminded me of Demonetization. He is the sharpest of all economists, unlike your Abhijit Banerjee. You can forget the old notes but not the pain it caused to that anti-national father who couldn’t even arrange money for his libtard daughter’s wedding.

Such is the raw wisdom of our PM Modi that he can even teach you history from mythology. So what if at one particular instance, he didn’t speak. He has showed us constantly that whenever he has opened his mouth, he has surprised(more like shock!) with his raw(or some haters can say fraud) wisdom. We, the true believers of our Supreme Leader, are always gonna stand behind them and support them, both in his nonsense and silence. 

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