That Time When Bhakti Khatre Mein Thi

This was one sad time when Bhakt Banerjee was feeling betrayed. The Supreme Court had recently re-appointed Alok Verma as the CBI director a few days before his retirement, the judgement on ‘Ram Mandir’ was delayed again; Clearly, this was the time when the Supreme Court hadn’t proved its loyalty or nationalism. This was not the real cause of Bhakt Banerjee’s agony. It had more to do with the true ‘Bhakts’ who turned traitors, who stabbed at his back.

Anupam Kher

From calling himself a Modi lackey to questioning our supreme leader when it didn’t suit him, Anupam Kher had received umpteen amounts of trolling from wings. He made the Bhakts so proud then and now(shame!). Not just he was questioning his master but also proclaiming boomingly that the Modi government didn’t do anything. Yogi Adityanath ji was absolutely right, Anupam had proved his skill as a method actor especially when portraying villains, both in reel and real lives.

Baba Ramdev

Understandably, Anupam Kher is an actor and actors can change their shades like a chameleon but what happened to our very own Baba, Baba Ramdev? He utilized the jingoistic fervor that our fraternity rightly felt so much so that we flocked to Patanjali stores to buy atma nirbhar/sanskari products, from his Ayurvedic jeans to his proven covid-19 medicine. We the ‘bhakti’ consumers had rewarded Mr. Ramdev to the tune of 10,000 Crore rupees, and he felt quite happy with it all until obviously it didn’t suit his interests to continue his façade of being a true ‘bhakt’. Then, he came out to raise doubts on our nationalist government. Doesn’t he realize that our supreme leader Shri Narendra Modi, the 11th avatar of Vishnu was immune from such Ludacris nonsense?

Arnab Goswami

The venting continued on as Arnab took center stage and faced harsh criticism from our esteemed Bhakt Bannerjee. Media was supposed to put our end of the story in front of the people, not question us like some opposition leader. How dare he insinuated that our brand of politics is ‘jhoot’(lying) politics? As if his show is the epitome of true facts and reporting!

The nerve of some people, he very selectively picked on U.P as an example of what’s wrong with law and order in the country; but he remained impervious to other states facing a plethora of issues. So what if 350 out of 1530 custodial deaths in the country are from UP, what about law and order in Kerala and West Bengal. He went on to accuse BJP IT cell of spreading fake news. Seriously?! As if Prateek Sinha and Swati Chaturvedi are not enough to talk sensible, Arnab wanted to add his name on this list.

Thankfully, Bhakt Banerjee took care of it and now Arnab is back on track. Why should he concern himself with such trivial things after all since he received a gratuitous donation from a BJP official to start the republic news channel dedicated to real issues he must be the happiest, and so are his pockets.

Zee Media

On top of Arnab, the entire Zee Media turned anti-national overnight. What was the need to write a letter to Congress to come on their shows? Wasn’t Sambit Patra enough to get all the TRP? They explicitly wrote that they aren’t pro- any party. Such lies were completely unacceptable to Bhakt Banerjee and so he had to point it out to the general public. It almost felt as if we had to shut Zee studios and appoint all the workers there as ‘Pakora shop’ owners and that too in front of the studios. Fortunately, their nationalism was saved and they were brought back from the path of a sensible citizen.

Abhinandan Pathak

But the biggest surprise of all was Abhinandhan Pathak, a man who achieved fame as a Modi look-alike became anti Modi? He turned towards Congress and offered his assistance to spread their schemes, their propaganda. So was the state of Bhakti at that time that even Bhakt Banerjee was forced to speak openly upon such betrayal.

These were the few instances that proved that not secularism, not constitution, not democracy but ‘Bhakti’ was in danger. With constant efforts from all the ‘Bhakt’ fraternity, these lost souls have now returned to blind-foldedly following our Supreme Leader. Finally, we can all agree to- “Sab Changa Si!”.

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