Ravish Kumar Exposed By Bhakt Banerjee

My name is Bhakt Banerjee, a renowned name among the IT cell members and professor at the prestigious Whatsapp university. Today, I’ve got my hands on a very esteemed journalist, or so the world claims….he is Ravish Kumar of NDTV.

Ravish Kumar of NDTV with Bhakt Banerjee

Ravish: Ask me some tough questions please…Like how I eat a mango?

BB: Certainly, sir…You’re not gonna get away now!

Ravish: Go on then.

BB: How many hours do you sleep in a day?

Ravish: As many a healthy man should.

BB: Well, if you loved the country, you wouldn’t!

Ravish laughs..

BB: Stop it you…More difficult questions coming.

Ravish: Bring it on!

What does Ravish think about…

BB: Anti-national?

Ravish: Just bogus terminology invented to distract public.

BB: Prime time news?

Ravish: People should stop watching them already!

BB: Article 370?

Ravish: Another distraction.

BB: Isn’t it a masterstroke?

Ravish: Nope!

BB: Rahul Gandhi?

Ravish: He’s sort of retired, I think.

BB: Whatsapp university?

Ravish: The leading institution of our country…where facts are not facts!


Ravish: Ah, the governing body should be held responsible if there’s any tampering with them.

BB: Nehruuu??

Ravish: The good…the bad…but not ugly.


Ravish: It’s practically dead.

BB: Government?

Ravish: It is supposed to understand and find solutions to our problems…Not to run a machinery so to frighten us…you know what I mean?

BB: Are you scared now?

Ravish: Never…although they’re trying their level best.

BB: Constitution?

Ravish: The first and last book of our identity.

BB: Asking questions?

Ravish: Need of the hour.

BB: Narendra Modi?

Ravish: Current PM.

BB: Ah, careful much, I see?

Ravish poker faced.

BB: Fear?

Ravish: Not.

BB: Religion?

Ravish: Many people are born into it and die by it…it’s a matter of faith.

BB: Cow vigilantes?

Ravish: These people are scary as hell…Let this be clear…They don’t protect cows.

BB: Khan market gang?

Ravish: Nonsense.

BB: Vikas?

Ravish: 70% bogus.

BB: So you’re saying 30% Vikas has been accomplished?

Ravish: But 70% bogus.

BB: Independent media?

Ravish: Where’s it?

BB: Demonetisation?

Ravish: Another bogus idea.

BB: Economic crisis?

Ravish: A harsh reality.

BB: Statue of unity?

Ravish: If Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel looked at it, he wouldn’t have been pleased.

BB: Arvind Kejriwal?

Ravish: Delhi CM.

BB: So, you’re not gonna reveal much, is that it?

Ravish: What more do you want to know?

BB:Well, then, congress party?

Ravish: In a bad shape these days.

BB: Paid news?

Ravish: Another harsh reality…Paid through money, power and special access. These guys screaming on sets at the top of their voice…all sold out.

BB: Fascism?

Ravish: I don’t wish to understand the modern-day crises with bygone terms…You know what’s happening now is brand new…unseen and unimaginable in a democracy.

BB: Have you lost hope?

Ravish: Never…Stating the truth is not similar to being hopeless. I am full of hope for our nation.

BB: Good to know!

Ravish smiles.

BB: It was a pleasure meeting you…See you on Twitter.

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